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Joining a RAP community is easy, and helps students successfully transition to college life.

Who? ANY incoming first-year student (all majors and exploratory tracks) are encouraged to join a RAP program. Nearly half of incoming first-year students participate in a RAP. 
What?  A RAP includes an exciting course with a small class size and a living-learning community in the residence hall. These courses are taught by engaging instructors and fulfill university requirements. All RAPs help students build a foundation for success in college.
Where? There are RAPs in all first-year residence halls in Central, Northeast, Orchard Hill, Southwest, and the Commonwealth Honors College residential areas. Most RAPs have a one-semester course commitment, but students keep their living arrangement for the year. 
Why? Dynamic & supportive instructors, lasting friendships, skills for a successful college experience, the ability to select your residence hall, and much more - all for free. 

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RAP has a variety of options. Explore these choices and see which RAP is best for you!

Incoming First-Year Students

Incoming Transfer Students

Returning Students

Check out the UMass JUMP! summer program!

Incoming first-year students are encouraged to consider getting a Jump! on their college career.
UMass Jump! is a 4-week program designed to give students a head start on college credits (and social life) while getting to know the UMass Amherst campus and the surrounding Pioneer Valley. 

List of courses for Gen Ed RAPs for Fall 2020 

There are various ways to make a decision about which First-Year RAP is best for you. Since each Gen Ed RAP has a designated course, you can review the comprehensive list to see which courses spark your interest. On the chart you will see which RAP the course is affiliated with and which residence hall it is located in.

Students may have a particular area of campus they prefer to live. Since RAPs are located in all first-year residence halls in five areas of campus, you can review this 
 RAPs by Location for Fall 2020.

Note: Feb. 8 This list is subject to change.

For more than 50 years RAP has been a great way for incoming students to begin their college careers. Many features have changed over the years, but it has always been true that when students join a RAP, they become part of a small community on a large campus.

Check out our About RAP page to learn more!

Visit the first-year programs page to see all available options for first-year students for Fall 2018. If you are a transfer student, visit the Transfer RAP page.

“Joining a RAP was the best decision I have made so far in college. I have now met all of my best friends in this class while engaging in course material that I am very passionate about.” Fall 2017 RAP Student