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fall 2012

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In September 2008 Christian Pulver became our program’s first teaching assistant.  For three academic years he taught English 379 and 391c, making valuable innovations to both courses.  Students spoke often of his tireless dedication, his contagious enthusiasm, and his genuine concern for their intellectual and academic well-being.  Alas, Christian departs us to complete his Ph.D work and move to greener pastures.  Much as we regret his leaving, we know that we are fortunate to have him onboard for the short time we did.  We thank him for his many lasting contributions to the program, and we wish him the best in all his future pursuits.   

In spring semester 2012, Janine carried the weight of teaching and administrative duties for the program, and did so with aplomb.  As per tradition, the good Professor Nelson made a guest appearance in the capstone course, and was characteristically inspiring.  Meanwhile, Professor Toomey enjoyed a sabbatical appointment at the University of Valladolid in Valladolid, Spain.  Even from a distance of several thousand miles and six time zones, I was gratified and reassured that job placement--thanks in large part to notices sent by our grads--was robust.  At present, all but a few newly-minted droogs are employed full-time, and we are confident that those remaining will find safe harbor soon.  The happy list of placements follows. 

Congratulations to all! 

- Dave

David Toomey
Associate Professor of English
Director, Program for Professional Writing
and Technical Communication

PWTC grads in full-time positions

Peter Arsenault, Technical Publications Intern at RSA (The Security Division of EMC)

Anna Hatton, Technical Publications Intern at RSA (The Security Division of EMC)

Ashley McShea, Associate Product Marketing Manager at EMC

Kevin O’Connell, Associate Systems Analyst, Outcome Sciences

Erin Pelkey, eLearning Specialist/Technical Writer at Digital Lumens; Marketing Director at Project Drop, LLC

Daniel Ronan, Tech Writer II at Brooks Automation

Lake Walsh, Associate Systems Analyst, Outcome Sciences

Victoria Willis, Associate Systems Analyst, Outcome Sciences

PWTC students who held (or are holding) internships


Lisa Donahue, intern, Vertica Systems, Inc.

Alexandra Foley, intern, Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Melissa Mahoney, intern, RAMP

Robin Garabedian, intern, Technologist
eLearning Programs at UMass-Amherst Continuing & Professional Education

Emma Pampanin, Website Manager/Marketing Intern at Soap Baubles, Inc.