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fall 2006

John Nelson and PWTC mascot Chloe

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This year's graduates had a very successful summer of garnering excellent writing and editing positions. In penetrating this year’s market, where numerous positions are being outsourced, PWTC grads once again exemplified the virtues of generous backgrounds in traditional English and hands-on, high-tech preparation.

Randy Allain won a position teaching writing/English in Bridgewater-Raynham High School, Bridgewater, MA; Allie Struzik secured an editor’s chair at Alloy Publishing Corporation in Westfield, MA; Danyu Wang found high-tech/writing employment with Information Technology on the UMass campus; Heidi Costa is presently working as a writer at the Metrum Research Group in Simsbury, CT; Jamie Griesbach joined the Educational Development Corporation in Newton, MA as a researcher and writer; Jennifer McDaid interned with the Linda Roghaar Agengy here in Amherst; Sean Whelan signed on with Unica Corporation in Waltham, MA as a communications intern; Thomas Ouelette will be moving to Washington, DC where he is the new writer/editor for the Capitol District Post Office Newsletter; Kaitlin Barry is a writer-designer liason for Staples, Inc., Framingham, MA; Meghan Bass is an applications coordinator for the Swedish firm Education First in Cambridge, MA; Timothy Brodeur joined Shayna Murray, Michael Meisner and Erin Ryan at Meditech in Framingham, MA – he is a writer/editor/lecturer; Tina Cheng landed a writing/editing internship with Forrester Research Corp. on Wall Street, NYC, J. Matthew Duggan is writing and editing for Draeger Medical, Andover, MA; Tze Ken Lee found a home for his Chinese-English and high-tech editorial skills as a documentation editor at SupportPlus in Shanghai, China; and lastly, Ryan Freedman has joined PWTC grads Christina Aviles, Meghan Best, Erin McNamee and Denise Hale at Eze Castle Software in Boston, MA. What a term!

Congratulations to all!!!

John Nelson and Dave Toomey