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fall 2005

John Nelson and PWTC mascot Chloe

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> fall 2004

Just-minted graduates of the Professional Writing and Technical Communication (PWTC) Program had a busy summer of job searches and successes, many of which were facilitated by contacts with pro-
gram alumni. In penetrating the professional writing
market, where some positions are being outsourced, PWTC grads exemplified the virtues of generous backgrounds in English and hands-on, high-tech preparation.

Meghan Best and Erin McNamee joined Denise Hale and Christina Aviles as writers/editors at EzeCastle Software, Boston, MA; Erin Courtney and Michael Meisner joined grad Brent Massey as writers at
Meditech Corporation, Westwood, MA; Meghan Driscoll won a writing/editing position at BSC Group, Boston, MA; Thomas Friedmann linked with Brett Holloway and Marcie Savoy in the Educational Technology Administration wing of Continuing Ed, UMass Amh-
erst; Sara Gladu joined Massachusetts Mutual, Springfield, MA as a programmer with writing responsibilities; Tze Ken Lee departed for mainland China to perfect his near-bilingual skills in speaking/writing
English and Mandarin Chinese; Regina Lynch joined Tech Target, Boston, MA, as a writer/editor; Leah Murray won a documentation specialist position with Australis (aquaculture) Corporation, Turners Falls,
MA; Michelle Paranto signed as associate editor with Victory Scientific Publications, Worcester, MA; Craig Weinfuss is the new communications coordinator with the Adaptive Engineering Research Center at UMass Amherst; Ashley Buchanan combined her mathematical and writing skills in pursuing an M.A. in biostatistics at Harvard; Melissa Spinks has fused her writing and expertise in German, and is an editor with Springer Verlag, Cambridge, MA; Stephen Clark is a new documentation specialist at Tymetrix Corporation, Hartford, CT. Ashley Freeland works in special education at the Abby Kelley Foster Charter School in Worcester, MA: her many duties include teaching writing; Sarah Wolfgang is a full-time writer/editor for Facilities and Campus Planning at UMass Amherst; Liz Slazkovsky joined Liz Robb and Alyssa Rocco at Vertex Corporation, Cambridge, MA, as a validation documentation assistant; Jesse Buday and Erin Ryan have partnered with grad Jay Dupont as a writer/editor with Parametric Technology in Needham, MA; Shayna Murray joined Draeger Pharmaceuticals as a writer/editor; Angela Simonelli signed with Comcast in Allston, MA as a marketing and newsletter writer; and Matt Lindberg has joined Lax Sebenius Consulting in Concord, MA as a writer and software expert.

Congratulations to all!