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fall 2004

John Nelson and PWTC mascot Chloe

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Adam Christensen has landed a position as a business writer and editor for Great American Group, Boston. Tim Binkert has secured a full-time job as a writer and website designer for the National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Alliance in Hadley, MA, replacing Daniel Greenberg, who won a writing position with Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston. Interns Ashley Buchanan and Alexandra Buxton are working as on-line facilitators and writers with UMass’ Continuing Education’s Distance Learning Project: their supervisor is PWTC grad Lisa Weagle, recently promoted to Coordinator for Distance Learning. Christine Delaney is employed as an intern with the Boston Communications Group, where she has joined PWTC grads William Poole and Kitty Chick. Ryan Freedman is working as an intern with PWTC grad Loran Diehl Seito at the National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Alliance. Erin Ryan has joined the team at Network Intelligence Corp.

Regina Lynch is working with the Chronicle’s editor emeritus Daniel Fitzgibbons in establishing a faculty and staff interactive web presence (“In the Loop”) at UMass. Dan Paladino has landed a writing/editing position with MicroStrategy in Maclean, VA. Elizabeth Robb and Alyssa Rocco secured a full-time positions as editor/writers with Vertex Pharmaceuticals, in Boston: Vertex has hired three PWTC grads full-time in one year. Liz Slavzkovsky has joined PWTC grads Christina Aviles and Melissa Pratt at Eze Castle Software. Pamela Williams decided to take her passion for writing to another level, and was accepted by UMass’ English Department’s Ph.D. Program. Last but hardly least, Andrea Zizzo found a position with Great American Group, Boston as a writer/ editor.