May 5, 2000

Mary E. Macdonald

Mary Elizabeth Macdonald, 81, former associate dean of the School of Nursing, died March 30.

She came to the University in 1954 as a professor of Nursing, became associate dean in 1964 and resigned in 1967 to become director of Analytical Studies in Nursing at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

The following year she became the hospital's director of Nursing. She graduated from the MGH School of Nursing in 1942, received a master's degree from Columbia University's Teachers College in 1950, and did further graduate study at Harvard's School of Education, Catholic University and Boston College's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

"She was an outstanding administrator and highly respected as a nursing leader in Western Massachusetts," said Ann Sheridan, retired associate professor of Nursing. "She brought prestige to the School of Nursing through her talent as an administrator and her extraordinary skills in teaching and community relations."