Sports Highlights

1947 Robinson Breaks Baseball Color Barrier
First Modern-Era Black Player in the National Football League (Kenny Washington)
1948 First Black World Series Pitcher (Satchel Paige)
1949 First Dark Latino Big-Leaguer (Orestes Minoso)
1950 First Black National Basketball Association Player (Chuck Cooper)
1951 First All-Black Outfield (Giants: Monte Irvin, Willie Mays, Hank Thompson)
1953 First Black Quarterback (Willie Thrower)
First Black National Basketball Association All-Star (Don Barksdale)
1956 50 Black Big-Leaguers for the first time
1958 First Black National Hockey League Player (Willie OíRee)
1959 All Major-League Teams Integrated
1962 First Black Big-League Coach (Buck OíNeil)
1963 Black Player Highest Paid Big-Leaguer (Willie Mays)
1964 Cassius Clay Joins Muslims, Becomes Muhammad Ali
1965 First Black National Football League Coach (Emlen Tunnell)
1966 First Black Big-League Umpire (Emmett Ashford)
First Black National Basketball Association Head Coach (Bill Russell)
1968 Black U.S. Athletes Give Black-Power Salute in Mexico Olympics
1970 Curt Flood Sues to Challenge Reserve Clause
1971 First All-Black Big League Lineup
1973 First Black National Basketball Association Vice-President (Simon Peter Gourdine)
1974 First Black Big-League Manager (Frank Robinson)


1954 Brown v. Board of Education
1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott
ICC Bans Segregation on Interstate Travel
1957 Southern Christian Leadership Council Founded
Little Rock Integration Crisis
Civil Rights Act ñ Commission on Civil Rights
Ghana Independent
1960 Sit-Ins Begin
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee Founded
Civil Rights Act re: Voting
9 African Countries Become Independent
1961 Freedom Rides
1962 President John F. Kennedy Federalizes Mississippiís National Guard to Integrate University of Mississippi
1963 Medgar Evans, President John F. Kennedy killed
Birmingham Voter Drive/Bombings
March on Washington
1964 Mississippi Voter Drive, Goodman/Chaney/Schwerner Killed
Civil Rights Act re: Jobs/Public Accommodations
1964 Selma Marches
Voting Rights Act
Watts Riots
19 African Countries Now Independent
1967 Northern Race Riots
1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy killed
Widespread Ghetto Riots
Civil Rights Act re: Housing


1955 Speaking Tour, National Conference of Christians and Jews
1956 NAACP Springarn Medal
1957 Chair NAACP Freedom Fund Drive
1958 Jackson, Mississippi, NAACP Speech, NAACP Board of Directors
1959 New York Post Column (3 Times Per Week)
1960 Raises $$ for North Carolina Sit-Ins, Begins Jazz Fundraising Concerts for Civil Rights at Stamford Home
Criticizes Harry Truman for Opposing Sit-Ins, Praised Martin Luther King, Jr., and Civil Disobedience
Supports Hubert Humphrey v. Kennedy in Democratic Party Primary, Richard Nixon v. Kennedy in Presidential Election
Loses Post Column, Unpaid Leave from Chock Full OíNuts
1961 Picked By Dr. King To Raise $$ to Rebuild Burned Black Churches
1962 Raises $$ for SCLC Voter Registration Drive
1963 Criticizes Adam Clayton Powell for Supporting Muslims and Malcolm and Criticizing NAACP
Heads Fundraising/Support Group for Dr. King in Birmingham, Visits Birmingham Churches with Floyd Patterson
Praises JFK Speech on Urgency of Equal Rights
1964 Released by Chock Full OíNuts, Attacked by Malcolm
Raises $$ for CORE Activities in Meridian, Mississippi
Supports Rockefeller v. Goldwater in Republican Primary, Johnson v. Goldwater for President
Chair, Harlem Freedom Bank
1966 Special Assistant to Governor Rockefeller
1967 Criticizes Dr. King for Opposing Vietnam War
1968 Supports Rockefeller v. Nixon in Republican Primary, Humphrey v. Nixon for President
Supports Black Panthers v. Police Brutality
1971 Criticizes Rockefeller over Attica
Jackie Robinson Construction Company
1972 Criticizes Baseball for Having No Black Manager

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