The Jackie Robinson Initiative Records 1905 [1994-97]

Scope and Contents Note

The records of the Jackie Robinson Initiative document an inter-disciplinary program at the University of Massachusetts commemorating the 50th anniversary, in 1997, of Jackie Robinsonís breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. This Initiative was co-sponsored by the Departments of History, Sport Studies, Afro-American Studies, and Political Science. The collection includes administrative records, correspondence, photographs, videotapes, audio-tapes, and newspaper clippings, records from two semester-long academic courses and from special events sponsored by the Initiative. Also included is an extensive collection of videotapes of all events and classes, as well as individual videotaped interviews conducted with each guest speaker. The collection includes exhibit materials, mostly photographs, and copies of documents that were obtained from archives and other sources around the country. The originating source is listed on each item and should be contacted for future use. The rights to each of these pieces remains with the original source.

Series: I Administration, 1994-97.
Series I consists of correspondence, organizational records, newspaper articles, and other documents pertaining to the administration of the Initiative for the years 1994-97. Among these materials are a curriculum vita from each of the four main professors involved, financial records, and press releases.

Series: II Classes, 1995-97.
Series II contains materials related to the two undergraduate courses conducted through the Initiative. Materials are from the years 1995-97 and include student rosters, lecture notes, class photographs, and information about each guest speaker. Also included are videotapes of each class session.

Series: III Special Events, 1996-97.
Series II includes information about special events arranged by the Initiative for the years 1996-97. Included for each event are administrative materials, as well as photographs and videotapes of the events.

Series: IV Audio-Visual, 1996-97
Series IV includes administrative information and videotapes of Initiative events and guest speakers for the years 1996-97. Included are videos of interviews conducted in Montreal, Canada, press conferences held on campus, and interviews conducted with most guest speakers.

Series: V Exhibits, 1905-97.
Includes materials pertaining to the seven exhibits developed through the Initiative. Administrative documents and photographs of each exhibit are included, as well as exhibit items from the Student Union Gallery and Special Collections exhibits. Items in this series are from years 1905-97.

Series: VI Research Materials, 1937-97.
Materials in this series were used for class and exhibit development, and for general background information. Also included are materials from other programs celebrating Jackie Robinsonís 50th anniversary and information on the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Items in this series are from years 1937-97.

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