PSU Boston

They Didn’t Hear You

July 2, 2018

A little over a week ago, we bargained parking fees in ISC 3300 with a standing-room-only audience. A dozen professional staff, classified staff, graduate students and undergraduate students gave moving testimony about the potential impacts of management’s proposed fee increases on our jobs, our students, and our families. (See the attached letter for an example of one PSU member’s testimony.)

Parking Bargaining Starts Today! Meet at 2:30 outside the union office

March 19, 2018

If you drive to work, are you prepared to pay $15 a day to park?

Were you asked when the administration took out a garage construction loan in your name?

Were you asked before the administration released a “bold new plan” to fund the substructure project with your parking fees?

Even if you don’t drive to work, do you believe our students can afford to pay $15 a day to park?

PSU Layoff, Workload & Budget Battle Brown Bags - Boston

We are scheduling lunch-time brown bag meetings around campus for discussions about layoffs, workload, and the ongoing budget battle.  While each meeting is intended for the folks who work in the listed buildings, all members are welcome at any meeting--please come to whichever one fits into your schedule!  Bring your lunch, beverage, co-workers and questions, and we'll provide light snacks. 

SaveUMB petitions


Say NO to closing the Early Learning Center!

Say NO to more cuts from the bottom!


If you too think that the solution to UMB's budget crisis does NOT lie in laying off our lowest paid employees and eliminating services needed by students, staff and faculty, then please do these four things:

CALL FOR BOSTON NOMINATIONS! MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates 2016

The Boston Chapter of the PSU is seeking nominations from members who would like to be delegates to the MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates.  Please read below for details about how to submit your name if you are interested. Attending the Annual Meeting gives the attendee great insight into the way the MTA works, and this year delegates will elect a new President and Vice-President to the MTA.  If you are interested in attending, please nominate yourself. If you think one of your co-workers would make a great delegate, please encourage them to nominate themselves!