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What is PSU?

The Professional Staff Union (PSU) is our new local union – formerly SEIU 888.  The PSU is affiliated with the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), and the National Education Association (NEA) on the national level.  It is the result of an overwhelming majority (95%) vote at the Amherst and Boston campuses of UMass in November 2005.  Like its sister unions MSP/MTA (Faculty/Librarians) and USA/MTA (Clerical/Technical Staff) on campus, the PSU provides security and stability for its members, and gives them a voice in the operation of the University. 

Who runs the organization?

PSU is a volunteer organization and our local dues pay for the operation of our office in 109 Hampshire House.  MTA also provides us an experienced consultant, whom we share with the Boston campus.  We have a campus chapter board that generally meets every two weeks (meetings are open to all union members) to make decisions and to respond to issues facing our members. 

What about Dues?

During this transition time, we have negotiated a 3-month dues-free period through March 19, 2006.  Starting on that date, your dues will again be deducted in the same amount as was deducted last year (after you sign for the new payroll deduction form).  In general, the dues rate for full-time members will be $20.80 per pay period, or $540.80 on an annual basis.

Our finance and operations committee will be researching the options and propose a dues structure for next fiscal year to sustain the union.  If you are interested in dues issues, please join this committee. 

How do I contact my union?

Members can call the local office at: (413) 545-4509.  You should also have an area or building representative.  Reps attend occasional meetings and are a good source of information.  If your area does not currently have a rep, please consider volunteering to serve in this important capacity.  You can also view the latest union news at our web site:  where announcements, documents, and items of interest are posted. 

How do I sign up?

Please fill in the personal information on the MTA “Membership Application” form and the separate “Authorization for Payroll Deduction” form enclosed. [ethnicity, marital status, subject and hiring date optional]  Sign and date the 2 forms where required.  Place the 2 forms in the pre-addressed envelope and return them to the PSU via campus mail as soon as possible.  Thank you on behalf of the PSU Chapter Board.

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