Our local includes representatives from both the Amherst and Boston campuses. This group is known as the Joint Executive Council or JEC. Below are profiles of some JEC officers.

Tom Goodkind

Tom Goodkind serves as president of the UMass Boston chapter. Prior to becoming president, he was the grievance secretary for the Boston chapter. He was part of the 1988-89 organizing campaign which successfully unionized the Amherst and Boston professional staff and has served on several contract negotiating teams. He has been the research machinist for UMass Boston since 1985, and he is grateful to have lived long enough to see PSU celebrate its 25th birthday.

Robert McDowell

Robert McDowell is the Grievance Officer for PSU Amherst.  Prior to this he served  on the delegate council.  He ran for Grievance Officer without a clear idea of the commitment, but is grateful for the outstanding mentoring and support he receives from his fellow Officers and Stewards.  He is a database coordinator in IT with a primary focus on telecommunications data and services.  He is a graduate of UMass and has been employed at the University since 1995.  Robert lives in Leverett with his wife and sons and feels privileged to live in the Pioneer Valley.

Kevin Skelly

Kevin Skelly comes from a UMass family. He, his mother, brother and sister, his three sons, and a couple of nieces have all earned degrees here. After having dropped out of college at 20, he worked in the culinary field, including 10 years at Smith College, where he was a member of SEIU, and served in Local 211 in various roles. Later, he attended UMass to finish his degree, working as a student employee, and eventually taking a full time position here. He's been a UMass employee and a member of this union since 1999. He currently serves as Organizing & Education Committee Chair for the Amherst Chapter Board.

JoAnne Martone

Jo Martone works in UMass Amherst IT as the Manager of Network Operations.  She has been at UMass since 1999.  Her union work began with the first contract negotiations after starting at UMass in 1999.  She then worked with people during the layoffs of 2003 and on every contract since then.  Her responsibilities in the Union continued to grow until she became the Co-chair of PSU.  After stepping down, she got dragged back in, and has continued to support PSU through board seats and bargaining.