SaveUMB petitions


Say NO to closing the Early Learning Center!

Say NO to more cuts from the bottom!


If you too think that the solution to UMB's budget crisis does NOT lie in laying off our lowest paid employees and eliminating services needed by students, staff and faculty, then please do these four things:

RSVP to let us know if you can join us in Boston at noon on Friday, July 14.

The SaveUMB petitions calls on Interim Chancellor Mills to:

  • rescind the decision to close our Early Learning Center, and instead commit to fully staff it and work with the parents and other stakeholders to ensure that the ELC remain a thriving part of UMB; 
  • reduce the number and/or salaries of upper-level administrators to bring UMB's spending on upper-level “Institutional Support” in line with other UMass campuses;
  • cancel all contracts with outside consultants (except those required for construction or health and safety or which are part of grant-funded programs);
  • terminate all CC/03 employees who are not filling in for permanent employees on leave, or who are grant-funded (CC/03 employees are temporary unbenefited employees who are often used—and often used illegally—to replace permanent benefited employees);
  • publicly endorse the Fair Share Amendment; and
  • hold an open community meeting this summer to report on all cuts made in FY17 and FY18, savings accrued from those cuts, and any planned future cuts.


These steps should be taken before laying-off bargaining unit members and before eliminating programs such as the Early Learning Center.