Delegates Sought for MTA Annual Meeting

Hello PSU-Amherst Members,

We are seeking nominations from members who would like to be delegates to the MTA Annual Assembly of Delegates this year with most of the expenses paid by PSU.  To nominate yourself or someone else, please read below for details. Attending the Annual Assembly will give you insight into the way the MTA works and us a chance to influence policy on issues such as retiree healthcare benefits, etc..  If you are interested in attending, please nominate yourself!

FAIR IS FAIR: We ALL deserve the same cost of living raise!

The last time we checked, there was no discount on the cost of living for PSU members.  So we’ve got to wonder why it is that the University administration is insisting on offering us a smaller cost of living increase than most other state workers got.

During bargaining, the Governor’s office tells state agencies what pay increases it will approve.  This past year Governor Patrick’s administration approved 3% across the board pay increases for all state employee unions with an additional 0.5% pay increase for bargaining units (like ours) that don’t get step increases. 

Amherst - Action Requested

Please join the other campus unions and attend the UMASS President Search Committee's open forum tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10) at 1:30pm in Campus Center 168C.  The committee needs to hear what workers expect from university leadership, especially in light of current negotiations and budget issues.  Past President Caret was not a friend of labor, and we need to let the search committee know that the next President must represent us all!

JEC Endorses Max Page

Dear PSU members,

Soon you will receive at home a ballot for the election of two representatives to the National Education Association’s Board of Directors. Whoever wins that election speaks for us on the national union’s board in Washington, while also sitting on the Massachusetts Teachers Association statewide board of directors—so it is an important position.

A Deal's a Deal: Pay the Raises!

While a dozen UMass bargaining units have settled and ratified new contracts, none have received their negotiated raises. Why not? Because the departing UMass president, Robert Caret—who spent the fall negotiating a $952,000 UMass package for himself—refuses to pay them.

Despite what President Caret claims, this is not a problem of a lack of funding.

When Governor Patrick submitted the settled contracts to the legislature, he said,

Action Needed: Fight Unfair Changes to Health Insurance

In case you missed this in the storm, we wanted to share the following message and call for action around proposed cuts in GIC benefits from MTA President Barbara Madeloni and Vice President Janet Anderson.  If you have not done so already, please take a few moments to read and contact members of the GIC.

From: Barbara Madeloni, President, and Janet Anderson, Vice President

Subject: Oppose unfair changes to GIC health insurance