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11-9-11: Membership meeting announced (click for more details): November 18, 12:00 - 1:00, Thompson, 106. On the agenda: voting to change Executive Committee elections from June to March.  Please mark your calendars.  The proposed changes will be posted here within a day.
11-9-11: JEC meeting announced: November 18, 10-noon, CC 177;
and 1:30 - 4:00, Hampshire House 120.
3-14-11: 2010 Dues Deduction Schedule posted (PDF).
2-9-11: New Downloads section added to the web site. (See link in the left panel.)
2-8-11: The results of the Delegate Council elections (PDF). Congratulations to the new and returning delegates. 
1-19-11: New Labor-Management Workplace Education schedule posted (PDF)
9-17-10: Sick Leave Bank application form posted to PSUMTA web site: PDF Word
6-1-10: Message from the PSU co-chairs: Call your legislators to fund our contract!
5-20-10: Annual Meeting set for Wednesday, May 26, 12-1 in Campus Center room 162/75
2-25-10: The Women’s Institute for Leadership Development and the UMass Amherst Labor Extension Program announce:
WILD in the Winter West - Standing Up to Bullying in the Workplace
More info and registration
12-2-09: Database Manager position for PSU posted.
9-21-09: Our first Delegate Council meeting for the 2009-2010 session will be next Wednesday, September 23 at noon in Campus Center room 168. Agenda
8-19-09: No Delegate Council meeting in August:
Message from DC Chair , Bruce Fieldman
6/29/09: Save a Tree! Sign up for the online version of MTA Today
6-23-09: The PSU - UMass Collective Bargaining Agreements for 2008 - 2012 were overwhelmingly approved by the Amherst and Boston Chapters.

The agreements have been signed by the PSU Bargaining teams and are being sent to President Wilson for his signature.
5-14-09: Amherst Family Center Family Dinner Party announcement (PDF for printing)
5-5-09: Unit B Draft Memo of Understanding posted
4-30-09: Proposed Contracts posted for membership review before ratification vote

Special Event: Understanding the UMass Budget Crisis

Time: Wednesday, Feb. 18, 12:00 - 1:00
Place: Campus Center Auditorium

2-6-09: Check the new website for the Labor-Management Workplace Education program!
1-08-09: Professional Development form posted (PDF).
10-2-08: Testimony of UMass Union Leaders to the UMass Board of Trustees posted.
9-17-08: New Labor-Management Workplace Education schedule posted
9-17-08: NEA Joins AFL-CIO (see article)
5-8-08: HELC proposals posted
4-30-08: Here is the Excel spreadsheet to calculate the effects of the proposed changes in health care costs. Save it to your computer and open it in Excel to use it.
3/26/08: The PSU Delegate Council has a few vacancies and is looking for volunteers from these areas:
Administration & Finance
Student Affairs areas.
Please contact someone on the Elections Committee, if you or someone you know is interested.
3-13-08: New page added for the Salary Administration Committee
2-21-08: New Labor-Management Workplace Education schedule posted
2-21-08: Delegate Council list of members updated
1-18-08: PSU/MTA Bargaining Committee Election Notice sent out today
12-18-08: Upcoming Event: Class Action Concert* (PDF)

January 18, 2008 -- 8:00 p.m.
All Souls Unitarian Church
399 Main Street
Greenfield, MA
*Class Action inspires action to end classism.  We raise awareness, facilitate cross-class dialogue, support cross-class alliances, and work with others to promote economic justice.  USA/MTA President Donna Johnson is a leader of Class Action. 
11-8-07 JEC and other meeting announcements
11-7-07 Statement Presented at the Chancellors Search Meetings
10-5-07: Upcoming Event: In The Loop Workshop series (PDF)
9-25-07: Unit B draft contract (HTML) (PDF)

Draft contracts coming soon. Check back.

8-30-07: New post:
Trustee Guidelines to Implement the 43-Week Work Contract for Professional Staff
8-3-07: Update from the Negotiation Team
6-25-07: Recent Postings:

A look at the PSU budget, with emphasis on the reasons for the dues increase which will be effective July 1.

A brief history of PSU/MTA, with a timeline of events, a look at the governance structure of the union, and a list of some of our accomplishments over this short time period.

A history of the Professional Staff Salary Administration Plan over the past 10 years, showing how the pay grades have been manipulated by management, causing many PSU members's merit increases to be given as bonuses instead of their base rate of pay. This was presented to management at the bargaining table on April 20, and at the annual membership meeting on May 9.

An Excel worksheet you can use to calculate how much this manipulation could cost you through your retirement.
5-22-07: Update from the Negotiation Team
5-09-07: Elections for PSU Delegate Council will take place on June 6

More information and nomination form
4-23-07: Annual Membership Meeting Scheduled:

Wednesday, May 9, 2007
12:00 - 1:00 pm
Campus Center room 163C

4-19-07: Upcoming Executive Committee meetings: See Calendar
4-19-07: Upcoming Event:
"Creating and Maintaining a Family-friendly Workplace at UMass" on April 27th
4-11-07: New members elected to Delegate Council.
4/4/07: Latest update from the Negotiation Team:
4/4/07: Delegate Council meetings scheduled for April, May & June
4/4/07: PSU is looking for SAP stewards.
4/4/07: Get involved in Higher Ed activism with Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM)

See also PHENOM's legislative agenda
4/4/07: Delegates sought for annual MTA meeting
2-18-07: Update from the Negotiation Team
2-9-07: New offerings from the Labor-Management Workplace Education Program
1-29-07: Upcoming meetings:

Joint Executive Board:

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 3 - 6 pm
48 Sword St., Auburn, MA

Delegate Council:

January 31, noon - 1:30
Campus Center room 161/175

1-6-07: FMLA Needs Our Support
12-28-06: Patrick vows to restore all of Romney's emergency budget cuts
12-22-06: Notes...Requests...Updates:

1. 37.5 hour work week to begin on December 24
2. PMP... Survey - Look for it soon.
3. Delegate Council Standing Chairs - Here is the list of committe chairs. Contact one of us to see how you can get involved!
4. Other Committees that NEED YOU TODAY! - More opportunities to get involved and learn about your union.
5. FLSA Exempt and Non-Exempt - New overtime regulations
7 Bargaining

11-3-06: Election Results: Here is the contact list of the newly elected Delegate Council
11-3-06: New change in Retroactive Pay Schedule
Executive Committee Election Notice

Elections to be held on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 in Suffolk Room of the Student Union building.

Candidate Statements

10-6-06: Retroactive Pay Schedule Updated
10-3-06: Health and Safety Notice (Graduate Research Center & PBCs)
9-25-06: Meet & Greet Election Information Session 9-26-06
9-15-06: Bylaws Adopted; Elections Scheduled
9-14-06: Retroactive Pay Schedule
9-12-06: Take advantage of the Labor/Management Workplace Education Program. See the brochure.
8-24-06: Retroactive Pay Announcement
8-24-06: Proposed PSUMTA-UMA Bylaws endorsed by Chapter Board

Don't forget: We vote to adopt the bylaws on September 13th.

8-24-06: Proposed Bylaws for the PSU Amherst/Boston Joint Executive Council
8-21-06: Election to Adopt By-laws September 13, 2006

Informational Meeting:
September 7, 2006, 12:00 PM–1:00 PM
Campus Center 803
8-14-06: We will be having a membership meeting on TUESDAY AUGUST 15, 2006 at noon in the Campus Center, room 803 (see full announcement). The primary focus of the meeting will be to review and take comments on the proposed structure and bylaws (MS Word format) for our local and our chapter.
8-7-06: Subscribing & unsubscribing to the mailing lists
In response to several recent questions, instructions are posted here for subscribing and unsubscribing to the lists.
6-16-06: Funding and 37.5 work week
4-27-06: PSU/MTA’S position on Article 18 (“Work Schedules”)
There has been misleading information put forward by both the UMASS Amherst & Boston Human Resources Departments regarding Compensatory Time and hours of work, and the Negotiating Team for PSU/MTA would like to clarify our understanding of member rights under our new contract. More...

4-21-06: Contact Your State Representatives To Support Group Health Insurance Premiums for State Employees 
The proposed House Ways & Means budget for FY’07 places all state employees earning more than $40K at 80/20.  Rep. Martin Walsh (D- Boston) has offered an amendment to restore all state employees to the 85/15 level. MTA and the entire public employee labor coalition are supporting his amendment. More...

4-12-06: Contract posted for Unit A (HTML and Word formats)
3-29-06: Contract Ratified:

Dear Members,

Congratulations, the 2004 - 2007 Contract has been ratified.

A summary of the contract highlights, major changes and the economic package has been prepared for your review. 

View the new successor agreement  and/or  the summary.

Thank you to our bargaining team for all of their efforts.


Kathy A Rhines, Chapter President

Professional Staff Union MTA/NEA

Unit A Ratification Announcement
Unit B Ratification Announcement

3-14-06: A letter from the Negotiating Committees:

Dear Members,

The Negotiating Committees of the Professional Staff Union recommend ratification of the 2004- 2007 Contracts.

A summary of the contract highlights and changes has been prepared for your review. 

In Unity,

For Unit A,

Kathy Rhines
Tom Coish
JoAnne Martone
Jane Lynch-Gilbert
Ted Davis
Fran Fortino
John Pepi
Peter Volpe
Tess Ewing
Bruce Haimowitz
MaryJo Marion
Diane Dujon


For Unit B,

James Schaefer
Kim Whittemore



Have you returned your MTA Membership Application and Payroll Deduction Agreement? Details

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