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June 26, 2009

To: Local Presidents

From: Anne Wass, MTA President
Paul Toner, MTA Vice President

Re: MTA Today Opt-In/Member Information Validation Program

As many of you are aware, delegates to the recent MTA Annual Meeting voted to have members “opt in” if they want to receive printed copies of MTA Today in the future. Those who “opt out” of the print version will receive e-mails notifying them when PDFs of MTA Today are posted on the MTA Web site. The goal is to reduce our printing and mailing costs. This effort will also help the MTA in going “green” by reducing paper usage.

We are asking all local presidents and Board members to help us spread the word about this process. This is vital to our ability to continue to communicate effectively with our members.

In the issue of MTA Today that goes out this week, we have asked all members to go online to state their preference at the following Web site:

This link will be active on Saturday, June 27.

In addition to opting in or out of the paper version of MTA Today, members completing the online form will be asked to validate or update their contact information MTA currently has on file.

In an effort to encourage use of the online form, we have not included a phone number through which members can opt in or out. Nonetheless, some members – especially those who do not routinely use computers or the Internet – will no doubt ask you about getting help from the MTA staff with the procedure.

If you receive an inquiry, you are asked to encourage the member to use the online process, as follows:
  1. Ask the member to go to or to just visit and click on the MYMTATODAY button on the front page.

  2. Explain that the selection and validation process is very simple and that the only thing needed to complete it is the member’s MTA ID number, which can be found in two places:

    1. On the member’s MTA card, in the area marked Individual ID#.

    2. In the blue and white box on the back page of an issue of MTA Today mailed to the member, directly above the member’s name.

If the member does not have a computer or still needs help with the process for any other reason, the inquiry can be referred to either the MTA Membership Accounting Division (which can be reached at 617-878-8118) or the secretary in your regional office.

Please note: This is the first step in a process that may involve phone calls to members and other means of contact in the months ahead. Information will be included when members receive their MTA cards and will be featured prominently on the MTA Web site. Our goal is to reach as many members as possible at the lowest possible cost.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help with this important MTA project. Have a great summer!

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