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1.) 37.5 hour work week
Beginning on December 24, HR will be accounting for our time using the agreed-to 37.5 hour work week. HR sent the timekeepers information about this, and will also be sending a note to their Deans, Directors and Department Heads, as well as to each unit member. We had intended to alert the membership to watch for the letters once we saw the drafts, but some of you already heard about it from the timekeepers.
More details will follow the HR letters to members.

2.) PMP... Survey
A brief email survey will be sent to the membership with questions specific to PMP and merit. Please do not delete that email!

3.) Delegate Council Standing Chairs
The Delegate Council elected the Standing Committee Chairs. If you have an interest in helping any of these committees, please send an email or phone call to the Chair. These Chairs also serve as the bigger part of the Chapter Board, and so also act as your representatives there. If you have Chapter Board issues, please see any of them with that information as well. Both Unit A members AND Unit B members are encouraged to participate. You do not have to be a delegate, or anything else. You only have to be a member in good standing. Most committees will have most of their meetings during lunch.
Communications Committees Chair - Don Roy - - 71712
Salary Administration Chair - Wendy Matys - - 54062
Organizing/Education Chair - Fran Fortino - - 51470
Membership Chair - Roland Giguere - - 56501
Unit B Chair - Dennis Bruffee - - 50147
Delegate Council Chair - Justin Cobb - - 70413

4.) Other Committees that NEED YOU TODAY!
The CAT, or Contract Action Teams, will be called together soon. Please email with your interest to help out here. This team will need a coordinator to interface with the bargaining team, as well as members to act. Actions may include running focus groups, encouraging the completion of the Bargaining Surveys, bringing issues from the bargaining team to the membership for action such as wearing buttons or stickers, and bringing issues and reactions from the membership to the team regarding what is happening at the table.
Someone on this team will also have to interface with the Communications Chair (Don Roy) to ensure information travels from bargaining to the membership in a timely manner.

The Finance Committee has a LOT of work to be done now, which will later ease off, until budget time comes around again. If you are able to serve on this committee in any capacity, please contact Bert Szala 76160 as soon as possible.

5. FLSA Exempt and Non-Exempt

Yes, the University is moving to recording time at 37.5 hours per week very soon. This is the first step in converting people who are entitled to overtime pay. The University does not have the list completed yet, but expects that any day now. After the list is finalized, we will be meeting with them to further discuss implementation, and will keep you updated.
[More on FLSA]

The Chapter Board will meet the first Wednesday of every month, in the Campus Center from 12:30 - 2:00. This is an open meeting, and any member is welcome to attend. If you have an agenda item, please send it to Kathy Rhines for now.
The Executive Committee will meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month, in the Campus Center from 12:30 - 2:00. This is also an open meeting.

7.) Bargaining
The MTA will be hosting our bargaining surveys on their network, and compiling the results for us. If you have ANY contract items to be addressed, PLEASE send an email or make a call to anyone on the bargaining team, or to one of your delegates. We hope to have the survey available for responses in January, so any and all input is wanted quickly.
The first joint Unit A Bargaining Meeting with Boston and Amherst will be in Auburn at the MTA office on January 8, from 10 - 1.

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