Professional Staff Union 2006 Executive Officer Elections:

Candidate Statements

The following candidates have submitted statements in support of their candidacy for PSU Executive Offices:

Co Chairs: Kathy A. Rhines and JoAnne Martone

“We fully believe in a member-driven, member-run, democratic Union. The Union’s strength is directly related to the activity and involvement of its membership. To this end, we are committed to achieving widespread membership participation and involvement in the governance and direction of the Union.

Having been in the fray from the 509/888 vote, through today, we are excited to have the opportunity to continue to be part of building this new Union. Our familiarity with the contracts, experience as seasoned negotiators and our commitment to PSU will ensure for a smooth transition, and an effective and responsive Union.”


Grievance Secretary: Jack Hirsch

“I am running for the office of Secretary of Grievances for the PSU.  I wish to continue to advise and represent our members as I have done for the past 12 years.   I believe that the experience gained during those years has served us well, helped me become an even better advocate and a stronger voice for PSU members.  Please let me continue to use that experience on our behalf.”


Treasurer: Maxine J. Greenblatt

“I am a candidate for Treasurer of the UMA PSU/MTA chapter because I believe I have much to offer.  My experience includes 26 years as an accountant, 16 years at UMass Amherst as a research accountant in the Controller’s Office, serving on the SEIU Local 509 Budget committee while a Joint Executive Board (JEB) member, chairing it for a year and a half before we were dumped into Local 888, serving on the UMass chapter board as a JEB member since 1992 and being the chapter treasurer from 1995 – 2003.  Most recently I was asked to serve as interim treasurer for PSU/MTA Amherst, accepted the position, and actively participated on the budget committee. I have been the one who has paid our bills and reconciled our bank account.

Thank you for voting for me to be your treasurer.”


Treasurer: Bert Szala

“My five plus years on the Supervisory Committee for the UMASS Five College Federal Credit Union has given me the exposure and experience to be an effective treasurer for our Union.  It is the Supervisory Committee’s responsibility to oversee the audit, member verification and internal audit functions for the Credit Union.  We were involved with both the financial responsibilities as well as the regulatory compliance issues surrounding these areas.  This is exactly what is required for this position and I will be able to “hit the ground running” so to speak.  I have had additional exposure to financial and regulatory issues while obtaining my MBA.  But perhaps most importantly, I would like to make a contribution to our union by serving as treasurer.”