February 14, 2006


Dear UMass Professional Staff Member:


Welcome to the UMass Amherst chapter of the Professional Staff Union/MTA/NEA.  In  November 2005, by an overwhelming (95%) majority vote, you opted for democratic unionism, leadership accountability and a strong collective response to the efforts by the Governor and the University to chip away at our hard earned rights and benefits. 

UMass professional staff now join a union which boasts 2.7 million members nationwide, and 100,000 members statewide (all employed in public education), as well as an experienced and aggressive presence on Beacon Hill.  The enclosed information packet provides you with important information about MTA, the incredible MTA member benefits, and our own chapter here on campus.

Please pay particular attention to the MTA membership form and the separate payroll deduction form which we ask you to complete, put in the pre-addressed envelope, and mail back to us via campus mail as soon as possible. 

During this transition period through mid-2007, there will be no change in your dental or vision benefits.

Member dues collection, currently suspended, will resume in mid-March at previous levels through the end of June.  See the dues information in this packet for more details.

Please contact any of us with your questions and ideas.  We urge you to get involved in your union now to make it member driven and democratic.  Our union will thrive with your active participation, so take a moment to consider the opportunities for involvement.  As the Chapter Board, we hope you will help build this union together.


In Solidarity,

Kathy Rhines
Tom Coish
Jack Hirsch
Joanne Martone Sandy Mandel
Roland Giguere
Tom Carpenter
Maxine Greenblatt

Donald Roy
Jacqueline Brown-Hazard
Justin Cobb
James Schaefer, Unit B
Hind Mari
Joanne Levenson
Fran Fortino