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PSU Amherst Chapter – Executive Officer Position Responsibilities
prioritized duties by position in the Chapter, JEC and external responsibilities.

There are common duties and expectations for all five positions, elucidated below:

  1. Participate and serve on Chapter Board (currently weekly mtgs., 1+hr each)
  2. Participate and serve on Exec Council and JEC (monthly meetings, each 4+/- hrs)
  3. Attend MTA annual meeting [in bylaws as “serving as Delegates to the MTA/NEA”]

These executive positions have dual roles serving both on the JEC (Joint Executive Council) of PSU which oversees both UMass Amherst and Boston PSU chapters as one MTA Local, and on the UMass Amherst Chapter Board.  They serve as leadership positions in establishing policy, political, financial, and governance for both the Chapter and Local, in conjunction with the Chapter Boards of each chapter.  Regular communication and public representation are critical aspects of the duties.  Stipends have been available for the officers, and will be decided during the yearly budgetary process depending on availability of funds and approval of the budget.  


The roles of leading and representing PSU are the primary responsibility, task and goals of the co-chairs.  The co-chairs will act as leaders and spokespersons, and will guide PSU, while fiercely guarding, protecting and promoting PSU.

This is a shared role with a lot of overlap.  It is up to the individuals holding these offices to determine who will do what, and when it is necessary to share, to divide, to collaborate, or to delegate.

  1. Communicate regularly with members, Chapter Board, JEC, Delegate Council, and staff.
  2. Support members with quick responses to (direct, phone or email) inquiries.
  3. Co-chair negotiating team with PSU Boston, participate in bargaining both Unit A and Unit B; enforce both contracts.
  4. Call regular EC and CB meetings, requesting union release time as needed.
  5. Organize and attend monthly Labor/Mgt. meetings (~ 2.5 hrs with prep).
  6. Financial responsibilities to PSU such as signing checks.
  7. Serve as JEC President on an alternating basis with UM Boston.
  8. Supervise PSU Chapter and/or JEC office staff.
  9. Represent PSU Amherst Chapter at boards, coalitions, etc. both on and off campus
  10. Attend various MTA meetings.

Grievance Secretary:

  1. Organize and maintain the Steward Network, including Steward training (with Org/Ed. Committee).
  2. Represent and advocate for members who are aggrieved.
  3. Be available to membership for quick consultation and response to inquiries.
  4. Attend monthly labor/mgt. meetings (2 hrs plus prep).
  5. Meet with members in ‘problem areas’, both as contract enforcement and organizational development effort.<
  6. Provide general contract training in conjunction with ORG/ED committee.

Recording Secretary

  1. Keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Chapter Board, Executive Committee, and general membership meetings;
  2. Be responsible for scheduling of all regular and special meetings.
  3. Make room reservations for meetings.
  4. Distribute approved minutes according to established policy.
  5. Maintain official files in a secure environment.


  1. Oversee that funds budgeted by the JEC for the PSU Amherst Chapter are monitored.
  2. Manage disbursement of funds in accordance with the budget per Chapter-defined policies and procedures with concurrence of the Chapter Board and consistent with all applicable laws.
  3. Develop and Chair a Chapter Finance Committee which organizes and monitors Chapter budget development and adherence.

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