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The Salary Administration Committee

Who are we?

  • We are a group of UMASS Amherst employees who have volunteered our efforts to help you through the maze of questions and concerns when it comes to the salary administration program.
  • We have established a confidential email address for you to send your concerns and questions. As your inquiries come in your message will be directed to one of the members above. Please email:

Salary Administration Program [SAP] Committee - 2011
Elected Members
currently seeking Committee Chair    
Colette Nadeau, Senior Member 545-3600
Phurbu Wangdu 545-6507
Amanda Collings Van 577-5185
Doris Clemmons 545-5106
Richard Yam 545-0281
Ilona Trousdale 545-0823
Meghan Smith 577-4408

PSU Executive Committee Participating advisors
Jack Hirsch, PSU Delegate Council Chair 545-4622
Maura Sweeney, MTA representative  

Important Links—

In an effort to present the latest information, Below you will find links to various documents, found on the Human Resources website.

Professional Staff Salary Administration Program


The Salary Administration Committee is developing supporting documentation as it relates to issues of the Salary Administration process, to be posted on this website, such as:

How do I get started?
How do I get a copy of my current position description?
Equity vs periodic reviews
Tips and strategies
The appeal process

If you have suggestions for this website link, please email
Thank you.

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