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To All Supporters of Public Higher Education:

On April 25, PHENOM will take a major step in the long-term effort
to improve public higher education in Massachusetts. We expect hundreds of people from every part of the state to come to the State House to deliver a powerful message (in the form of thousands of signed post cards) to the Governor and the Legislature. It will be an exciting day and you won't want to miss it!

We will be rallying, making our presence felt, delivering postcards, and meeting with legislators. We will be arguing for our legislative
program (attached) and we will be laying the foundation for powerful advocacy for the long term.

The most important thing we can all be doing right now is getting
lots of post cards filled out. Take them to any meeting on campus or in the community. Circulate them through your networks. Hold a reception. People care about higher education and will want to sign. RSVP if you need some cards sent to you.

PHENOM Campus Councils are starting to form at different schools to promote the five principles (below) and to organize around campus and statewide issues. It's easy - reach out to a few union leaders, student activists, and others on your campus - and get together to start talking. RSVP or call PHENOM at 413-577-4121 if you would like a PHENOM organizer to come to a meeting or if you want names of others on your campus who have expressed interest.

State financial aid averaged $97,441,000 per year between FY 2000 and FY 2003, but only $84,313,000 in the 4 years since then, a decrease of 13.5%. In a similar period, tuition and fees increased 85% at UMass, 83% at the state colleges, and 59% at community colleges.


  1. Fund public higher education so it can serve the Commonwealth
  2. Make higher education affordable
  3. Make higher education accessible to all
  4. Hire more teachers, researchers, and staff
  5. Honor and expand democratic institutions of governance for public higher education

A detailed list of the PHENOM legislative agenda:

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Educators for a Democratic Union


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SERV: State Employees Responding as Volunteers Program

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