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Group Health Insurance Premiums for State Employees 



The proposed House Ways & Means budget for FY’07 places all state employees earning more than $40K at 80/20.  Rep. Martin Walsh (D- Boston) has offered an amendment to restore all state employees to the 85/15 level. MTA and the entire public employee labor coalition are supporting his amendment.

Health insurance is the most valuable benefit state workers receive. This benefit is a key reason why many talented people remain in state service despite relatively low wages. It is critical to keep this benefit affordable.

Increasing health insurance premiums from 15% to 20% is equivalent to a 33 1/3% increase in costs for state employees. That is a huge and very unfair burden to place on state workers.

Please take this issue very seriously. If we lose 85/15 this year, we are likely to never get it back.  Increasing state employees' costs for their health insurance premiums is not only a cost shifting from the employer to the employee, it is also a significant pay cut for the effected state employees. We must convince state legislators to support Rep. Martin Walsh's amendment to return state workers to 85/15.

Debate on the state budget will begin on Monday 4/24. We don't yet know how many days the budget debate will last or when our amendment to return everyone to 85/15 will be taken up, so we must be prepared for the possibility that it could come up early in the debate.

Please contact your State Reps on this issue immediately (Call or Email). To find your State Representative go to


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