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Election Notice

Sent out via email on 1-18-08:

Election Notice (see also <>)
PSU/MTA Bargaining Committee UMass Amherst Unit A (one vacancy)

Election opens when this email notice is sent out.
Election closes Tuesday January 22, 2008 at noon.

* PSU/MTA UMass Amherst Unit A regular members in good standing are eligible to vote.
* Vote for ONE of the three candidates to fill ONE vacancy on the Bargaining Committee.
* Email the name of the candidate you are voting for to <>.

Candidates in alphabetical order (see statements at the end of this notice):
* Dorwenda Bynum-Lewis
* Thea Costine
* Sam Welson

Election Process:
* The E-ballot password will be shared with the Elections Committee (independent neutral ballot counter) who will print out each email, confirm the member is eligible to vote, and has voted only once, and then cut apart the name and the ballot for confidentiality.
* The Elections committee will count the ballots.
* The candidate who receives the highest number of votes will be declared elected.
* Any tie votes will be decided by a coin toss conducted by the Election Committee.
* The election result will be announced to the winner and Executive Committee as soon as possible after the tally is completed.
* The election result will be emailed and posted on the website as soon as possible after the winner has been notified

PSU Elections Committee:
Fran Fortino
Jim Hunt
Colette Nadeau
Peter Volpe

NOMINEE STATEMENTS (also available on the website at <>)


It has been my honor to be a part of the Union for the last few years. I have taken a more active role as each year passes and it seems to me that the motto “We are only as strong as our members” rings truer than true.
I grew up union, my grandmother instilled a sense of Union stewardship in me at a young age and even after she retired from California Youth Authority she remained a strong advocate in the Union. She still goes to conferences and votes as a retired member fighting for the rights of others.
For me that is what it’s all about, speaking for those who have no voice, who are unable to stand up and speak the words in their hearts. I believe that long after the Union is of “use” to me I will continue to be of use to it and its constituents.
I therefore humbly request a seat on the bargaining committee so that my voice can ring loud for all others."

Dorwenda Bynum-Lewis


I've been a professional staff member at the University, and a part of
Housing and Residence Life/Assignment Office since the early 80s. I
currently serve as a member of the Delegate Council.
Despite umpteen years of service on the campus however, it wasn't until
we left SEIU that I was persuaded to become a member of PSU. Perhaps
that isn't a cool thing to put out there in this sort of statement,
nonetheless, it accurately reflects my history, relationships, and
experience with unions on our campus.
What's also accurate is that I'm fairly intuitive, listen well, have a
good head for details, ask questions when they need to be asked, with or
without "tact", work hard, and like nothing better than a good debate
with worthy opponents. I'm willing to serve as a part of the bargaining
team simply because I believe I may bring a fresh perspective and an
able mind to an otherwise very difficult and important process."

Respectfully submitted.
Thea Costine


I am the Senior Manager for Office 2 Office, the department that provides
Mail, Print, Distribution, and Opscan Services to the campus. I have worked
at Umass in a professional position since 1992 and have had interest and
involvement with SEIU and PSU/MTA activities through those years. As the
supervisor for an area with thirty-five to forty non-exempt employees who
belong to USA/MTA and AFSCME, I have solid experience understanding and
managing labor contracts on a day to day basis. And as a management member
of bargaining teams that negotiated past contracts with both AFSCME and
USA/MTA, I am very familiar with the bargaining process and have quite a bit
of insight on how "the other side of the table" negotiates. I believe that I
can be an effective member of the PSU bargaining team and hope that by being
elected I can achieve three goals - to serve our membership by contributing
to a better contract, to enhance my personal development through the
experience, and to improve relationships with officers of other campus
unions who may erroneously view me as being "union unfriendly" because of
the responsibilities of my supervisory position. Thank you.

Sam Welson

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