• More than 200 at UMass Unions United rally
  • PSU Boston stands out for a fair contract at Integrated Science Center opening
  • University of Massachusetts Boston Campus

  • Union members at UMass Boston demand that the University pay negotiated raises and settle a fair contract with PSU.

Unions Address Board of Trustees Meeting at UMass Amerst

JoAnne Martone speaking to all University union members before addressing the board of trustees
April 6, 2018

Board of Trustees speech by JoAnne Martone, Co-Chair PSU, April 6, 2018

Thank you, Chairman, for allowing me to address this body today.

I stood before you in December 2014, telling the story of my bargaining team being defamed. That story led to a conversation with our Chancellor, which unveiled a communication gap.

I am JoAnne Martone. I currently serve as a co-chair of the Professional Staff Union.  I have been with the University since 1999.

PSU Addresses Racial Equity

PSU rally at UMass Amherst
March 19, 2018

PSU at UMass Amherst has formed the Committee on Racial Equity (CORE) with its first goal addressing the results of the November 2016 Campus Climate Survey on inclusivity, experiences in classrooms and workplaces, and administrative responses to complaints of unfair treatment. PSU CORE at UMass Boston, operating since December 2013, is focused on racial discrimination and inequality using contract language, research, and education to bring change.