Contract Funding Update

Dear PSU Members,

We know you are anxious to hear what’s happening with our salary increases since the PSU contracts (Unit A-Amherst/Boston and Unit B-Amherst) were ratified this spring. We apologize in advance for the length and complexity of this message; the short story is that we are optimistic that we will see partial increases quite soon, and hopeful that our salary increases will be fully paid in a couple of months.

UMass unions speak to Board of Trustees

On Wednesday, the UMass Board of Trustees met on the UMass Amherst campus.  The professional staff and faculty unions requested time on the agenda to address two issues of concern to our unions and to ask the Board to do the right thing:  fully fund the bargained contracts and freeze student fees.

We wanted to share the speeches that the union representatives gave.  The first is from Eric Berlin, Vice President of the Mass Society  of Professors (the Amherst faculty chapter) and the second is from Amherst PSU Co-Chair elect, Carl Ericson.  We hope you will read them.