Faculty Guide

This edition of the Faculty Guide is based on the excellent work done some years
ago by a group of faculty and staff chaired by Professor Frederick Tillis and subsequently
revised by a group chaired by Professor Javier Cevallos. We have used their work as our
point of departure, and have built upon its strengths. This Faculty Guide is intended to be
useful to all faculty members on campus. It is our hope that it will be particularly useful
to new faculty in finding ways to access some of the many resources available. It is not
intended, however, to be a detailed description of all university policies, rules and
regulations, nor does it have any legal standing. It does include, in section V, a copy of
the Trustee Document on Academic Personnel Policy ("Red Book"), but it does not
include the Agreement Between the Board of Trustees and the Massachusetts Society of
Professors (MSP), which is the collective bargaining agent for University faculty and
professional librarians. All information is believed to be current as of the time of posting
but is subject to change without notice. Section VI, The Faculty Member as Employee,
consisting principally of information about employee benefits, is currently under revision
and will be provided as soon as available.

Faculty Guide
This version of the Faculty Guide was updated in July 2005.