Additional Faculty Compensation

Faculty on full-time appointment are expected to serve the University through a mixture of teaching, research, scholarship or creative activity, outreach, and professional service, and University service, consistent with the mission of the campus, school or college, and unit in which they are appointed. The obligations of full-time faculty should be based on the optimal use of individual and collective effort to fulfill the mission of the department and campus, regardless of the nature of or source of revenue for those activities.

The responsibilities of full-time faculty increasingly encompass activities beyond the traditional expectations of teaching on campus, pursuing a research program, engaging in public service and serving on committees. The expansion of corporate and continuing education, distance learning, and multi-campus program offerings as core components of the University's mission, and the growth if commercial ventures, economic development activity, and externally funded research throughout the University, require faculty, departments, and administrators to be flexible and creative in defining faculty responsibilities and allocation of effort in support of the University's mission. To the extent possible, and in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements, the University should incorporate these activities into the standard workload of faculty. However, faculty may also receive additional compensation for such activities.

Additional Compensation Guidelines
The Chancellor has issued guidelines on the implementation of this policy.

Additional Compensation Form
This form is to be used to grant prior approval for participation in and payment of additional compensation for faculty.

Additional Compensation Form - Academic Year Faculty Only

Additional Compensation Form - Calendar Year Faculty Only