Evaluation of Centers and Institutes Announced

January 17, 2012


To:     Center and Institute Directors
From: Provost James V. Staros
          Vice Chancellor Michael F. Malone

cc:      Chancellor Robert C. Holub
           Vice Chancellors
           Deans, Department Heads and Chairs, Faculty
           Faculty Senate Secretary Ernest D. May and the Rules Committee
           Loren W. Walker, Director of Research Development
           Bryan C. Harvey, Associate Provost
Date:   January 13, 2012
Subj. :  Evaluation of Centers and Institutes

Pursuant to policies and procedures  for the evaluation of Centers and Institutes, we are reestablishing the standing Evaluation Committee for Centers and Institutes and are reinitiating the regular cycle of reviews of existing Centers and Institutes. As a first step in the evaluation of your center/institute, we ask you to provide us by March 16, 2012 a Self-Study Report, which will serve as the basis for the mandated periodic evaluation of your center/institute. We will announce the membership of the Evaluation Committee as soon as it is finalized. For your convenience and that of the Evaluation Committee, we have developed the attached to organize responses to this request.

Note that a Self-Study Report is not required for Centers or Institutes that are currently operating with interim approval, provided that interim approval has not expired, or from Centers or Institutes that have received formal review by the campus and approval by the President’s office since 2008.  In those instances, please reply with a copy of your existing approval, so that we can organize the schedule for future regular reviews.

Please send your response and any questions electronically to cai@provost.umass.edu .

FAQ's and the Evaluation Process

Lists of Centers and Institutes.pdf

Centers and Institutes Self-Study.docx