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Bid Results for Surplus Equipment Available for Bid by the General Public

Surplus Bid Results
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Addendum #1

Sale of Surplus Property
Rosemary Hassay 413.545.1094
Sale of Surplus Property - Vehicles and more....
Rosemary Hassay 413.545.1094
Sale of Surplus Property - Vintage Steinway Piano
Rosemary Hassay 413.545.1094
Closed by the Department
The Procurement Department will maintain a listing of email addresses of any persons that are interested in receiving an email notification that items have been posted for bid. If you are interested in receiving these notifications please email with “Surplus Equipment Bid Notification Request” in the subject line. Your email address will then be added to the list. In order to keep the list at a manageable size email addresses may be deleted from the list when there is no activity for one year. Activity is defined as no bids received during that one year period. You may resign-up for the notifications as described above if your name is dropped from the list.

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