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AIG Travel Assist Benefits
Alternatives for Employees that are denied a Citibank Individual Travel Card
Artisan Ink Apparel Pricing
Blanket Order Policy
Board of Trustees Procurement Policy
Business Expense Policy
CA15-RH-4938 Bus Transportation Pricing
CA15-RH-4954 Building Supplies Pricing List
CA16-RH-5088 Mail Services Pricing
CA16-RH-5092- Pricing List
Catering Policy
Christian Party Rental
CP-JH-0101 Pricing and Vendor Info.
Cyber Data Security for Technology Procurements
Department Travel Card
Direct Payments
Express Press Pricing
Fisher Stockroom Policy & Procedures
Freight Terms
Furniture Purchases
General Purchasing Policies for BuyWays
Green Purchasing Policy
Hilltown Tents
How to create a PIN number for cash withdrawals
How to Register Your Department Travel Card Account on the Citibank Web Site
Individual Travel Card
IT & Software Procurement Policies
Match Exceptions and AP Tolerances Guide
MHEC Airport Parking Discount
Michael’s Party Rentals, Inc.
Motor Vehicle Acquisition Process
Multi-Hue Company Pricing
Off-Site Employee Equipment
Party Patrol Rentals, LLC Pricing List
Prime Time Plus Pricing
Procard Manual
Procard Quick Reference Tool
Procard Software Purchasing Policy
Purchase of Chemicals
Purchase of Radioactive Materials & Radiation Producing Equipment
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Records Retention Policy
Sale of Surplus Policy Memo
Silver Screen Design Pricing
Soundscape Merchandise Pricing
Travel Brochure
Travel Policy and Procedures Manual
World of Promotions Pricing

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