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General Bids Open

General Bids for the University of Massachusetts Amherst are listed below. The bid documents are available electronically on Bonfire

Note that bids must be received on Bonfire by the due date and time in order to be considered. Any bid that is not received on time will not be considered. Submitting bids via the Bonfire website is Mandatory, No Hard Copies will be accepted. The documents on Bonfire are the official source of information on all bids for the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Documents attained from other sources will not be recognized during the bid and award process. Vendor’s relying on documents obtained from sources other than the Bonfire website do so at their own risk and may result in the rejection of an individual’s bid. Please pay special note to Bid Opening Time! 

Bid submissions and registration are free of charge, for more information on being a vendor visit the vendor portal.

For technical help call 1-800-354-8010 Ext. 2. or submit a request online at Bonfire Support.

Postedsort ascending RFB No Project Name Pre-Bid Meeting
6/8/18 AA19-RH-6042 Contract: Screen Printing and Embroidery for the Athletic Department

Voluntary Pre-Bid Meeting: Each vendor is requested to visit the Athletic Department on June 18, 2018 anytime between 9:00 am ET and 12:00 pm ET to inspect the standard items and therefore the standard type of materials that we will be asking to be screen printed and/or embroidered.  Please contact Joyce Hahn at 413-545-3522 to schedule your time.  We think it is very important that you touch and see the types of materials Adidas uses in our standard items so we don't run into vendors saying the items are unusual and, therefore, higher prices after the bid is awarded.

6/1/18 AA19-RH-6041 Contract: Intercollegiate Sports Accident Insurance Coverage

No Pre-Bid meeting

5/24/18 AA19-RH-6038 Contract: Recycling Services – Light & Heavy Iron and Steel

No Pre-Bid meeting

5/24/18 AA19-RH-6039 Contract: Purchase of Demineralization Water Treatment Chemicals for the Central Heating Plant

No Pre-Bid meeting

5/21/18 AA19-RH-6037 Contract: Recycling Services-Scrap Non-Ferrous Metal & Other Scrap Metals

No Pre-Bid meeting

5/17/18 AA19-RH-6036 Contract: D.O.T. Drug and Alcohol Screening, Pre-Employment and Re-Certification Exams for Transit Services

No Pre-Bid meeting

5/9/18 AA19-RH-6035 Contract: Cable Programming for Residential Life

No Pre-Bid meeting

5/7/18 UMAPP18-026 Campus – Waste Hauling and Disposal

A Pre-Bid Meeting will be held May 14th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at WRTF, 151 Tillson Farm Road, Conference RM, Amherst, MA

5/2/18 AA19-RH-6032 Contract: Laundry Vending Services

Voluntary Pre-bid meeting will be held on: Friday, May 4, 2018 @  8:30 am ET.  Laundry Vending Service to the Residence Halls and Family Housing.  University of Massachusetts; Room 905-909 Campus Center; 1 Campus Center Way; Amherst, MA 01003.

4/18/18 CA18-RH-6034 Campus Contract: Printing of T-Shirts and Polo Shirts

No Pre-Bid meeting

4/18/18 AA18-RH-6033 Contract: UCard Stock

No Pre-Bid meeting

4/9/18 UMAPP18-021 Campus Electrical Distribution Consultant

A non-mandatory contract review meeting will be held on April 23, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in the Central Heating Plant Conference room, 200 Mullins Way, University of  Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts. Parking is available at the Central Heating Plant. A campus electrical distribution tour, will be available after the contract review meeting.

3/28/18 AA18-RH-6031 Contract: Wood Lockers for the Athletic Department

Pre-bid meeting to be held on Tuesday, 4/3/18 @ 9:00 am ET – Location:  Athletic Department; 233 Boyden Building; 131 Commonwealth Avenue; MA  01003; with Dan Markowski – 413-545-0075

3/23/18 AA18-RH-6027 Contract: Implementation Services for IBM TRIRIGA Upgrade

No Pre-Bid meeting

3/12/18 AA18-RH-6030 Room Darkening Shades for Residential Life

North Apartments Cleaning Services

2/28/18 UA18-JM-6022 University Wide Contract for Office Supplies, Copier Paper & Toner

A bidder’s conference will be held at 10:00am, March 16, 2018, at the UMass Amherst Procurement Department, 100 Venture Way, Amherst, MA 01035. The meeting will be held in the Procurement Conference Room which is located on the 3rd Floor. Please check in at the Procurement Office front desk and ask for directions to the conference room.

2/28/18 AA18-RH-6029 Room Darkening Shades for Residential Life

No Pre-Bid meeting

2/28/18 AA18-RH-6026 Contract: Student Linens Program for Residential Life

No Pre-Bid meeting

2/28/18 AA18-RH-6019 Contract: Marketing Services for the School of Public Health and Health Services

No Pre-Bid meeting

2/26/18 AA18-AT-6028 Controlled Environment Room

No Pre-Bid meeting

2/23/18 AA18-RH-6025 Purchase one (1) 2018 Asphalt Paver

No Pre-Bid meeting

2/22/18 AA18-RH-6024 Contract: Hood Cleaning Services

A mandatory pre-bid site visit to be held on March 15, 2018.  Vendors shall meet promptly at 10:00 am ET at the Department of Auxiliary Enterprises; Worcester Dining Commons Board Room; 669 North Pleasant Street; Amherst, MA 01003.  Vendors should confirm their attendance with Ms. Laura Snyder, Assistant Manager of Purchasing and Special Projects at 1-413-545-6529 or via e-Mail:  lauras [at]

2/5/18 UMAPP18-011 CEMS Service and Calibrations

No Pre-Bid meeting

1/12/18 AA18-JM-6017 Men's Hockey Equipment

No Pre-Bid meeting

1/10/18 AA18-JM-6015 Course Material Adoption Tool & Virtual Course Material Store

An optional Campus Visit will take place on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 10am in Room 903 of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus Center. Contractors who plan to attend the optional Campus Visit should confirm their attendance by e-mailing John Martin no later than Monday, January 22, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. EST.

1/5/18 UMAPP18-013 CHP- HVAC Maintenance & Repair

A pre-bid meeting will be held on January 8, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Central Heating Plant, Conference Room, 200 Mullins Way, Amherst, MA.


11/30/17 DD18-ML-15 University Massachusetts Janitorial Supplies

No Pre-Bid meeting

11/30/17 UA18-JM-5199 Residential Hall Student Furniture

No Pre-Bid meeting

10/18/17 AA17-JM-6008 Athletic Team Apparel, Uniforms, Equipment & Accessory Products

No Pre-Bid meeting

9/22/17 AA18-RH-5198 Airline Carrier for the Women’s Basketball Team

There is no pre-bid meeting.

9/19/17 AA18-RH-5198 Prime Vendor Contract: Items for Resale in Markets, Convenience Stores and Cafes

There is no pre-bid meeting.

9/5/17 AA18-RH-6001 LNG Preventative Maintenance & Service

The voluntary pre-bid meeting will be held on: September 8, 2017 @ 10:00 am EDT at UMass Amherst, Central Heating Plant, 200 Mullins Way, Amherst, MA 01003

5/19/17 AA17-JM-5173 RFP Branding & Environmental Graphics Design, Fabrication, and Installation Services at the John F. Kennedy Champions Center

The mandatory Pre-Proposal meeting will take place on Tuesday June 6, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the John F. Kennedy Champions Center, 190 Commonwealth Avenue, Amherst, MA 01003-9398. Contractors shall confirm their attendance by e-mailing the contact below no later than May 31, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. EST. Contact information is as follows:

Joseph S. Balzano, Project Executive
Design & Construction Management Division
University of Massachusetts Amherst
E-mail: jbalzano [at]

4/19/17 AA17-JM-5171 System Upgrade to UMPD Radio System

No Pre-Bid meeting


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