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Pricing List

In order that better control of cylinder delivery and pickup can be maintained, the vendor shall obtain the signature of an authorized departmental representative for each delivery, and a signed receipt shall be furnished to the department by the vendor for each pickup. The vendor shall place a tag on each cylinder, which will reference the respective purchase order number against which delivery is authorized, together with the name of the authorized individual at the University who placed the order. When pickup is effected, the signed receipt shall reference the same order information contained on the tag, and a copy of the receipt will be furnished to the departmental representative at the time of pickup.

Prior to the end of each fiscal year during the term of the contract (June 30), the vendor shall take a physical inventory of his cylinders in each department to which delivery has been effected, compare it to what has been delivered, and provide each department with a written report of their findings. The report shall contain the cylinder size, gas type, and the purchase order number against which the gas was ordered for any cylinder that the vendor could not locate. This step is necessary to better keep track of cylinder inventories.

Please keep in mind that demurrage charges mount up fast, so if you expect to hold a cylinder for an extended period of time, we recommend that you lease the cylinder, referring to such a charge on your purchase order as a "Container Charge." This is an expenditure from Sub. FF, account code 739610. We have learned over the years that close attention to detail on this subject pays big dividends in saving budget money. Your continued cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Departments that own their own containers may order liquid nitrogen and liquid helium from the Physics Department here on campus on trust funds at substantial savings. Contact MaryAnn Ryan at 545-2408 for ordering information.

The bid specifications call for a regular schedule of deliveries set up on a three times a week basis, with deliveries to be made on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, to specific campus locations, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Deliveries are to be made with properly equipped vehicles for the purpose. Empty cylinders are to be picked up at the time of each regular delivery. Orders should be placed by noon on Monday for regular Tuesday delivery, by noon on Tuesday for regular Wednesday delivery, and by noon on Thursday for regular Friday delivery.

Compressed Gas Association Numbers have been added to insure that the containers being delivered will be compatible with your equipment and will not require the purchase of pressure reducing gages or other adapters.

Questions/problems with this contract should be directed to Rosemary Hassay, Procurement, at 545-1094.  

All products and services sold under this Contract must meet regulatory guidelines and any amendments therein, as promulgated under, but not limited to:  FDA 21 CFR, NEOSH, OSHA Respiratory Protection Standards 29 CFR 1910.134, UL, NEMA, NFPA, DOT, EPA, ASTM, Impressed Gas Association, JCAHO, and/or NAMES Standards for related products.  Vendors, by submitting a bid, have agreed to allow the UNIVERSITY, at its discretion, to hold independent audits of contractors’ facilities to verify compliance with the above guidelines.

Cylinders must be manufactured in accordance with Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations, complete with all fittings, valves and caps, in good working order and free of dirt, debris and rust.

Purchasing Entities at the UNIVERSITY may reject any cylinders delivered that show evidence of neglect, abuse and leak.  The Vendor must replace cylinders within 24-hours of notification by the Purchasing Entity. 

Cylinders must be maintained, tested, filled, marked, labeled and shipped in accordance with ICC and DOT regulations.

Cylinders must be stamped with the pressurization text expiration date.

Cylinders must be legibly marked by means of stenciling, stamping or labeling to identify the contents by the common chemical name or mixture, with lettering height no less than ¼” and markings must not be readily removable.  Each cylinder shall show a legible serial number and/or bar code.

Cylinders must show capacity contained within.  All cylinders must be filled to the identified capacity.  Cylinders must have an expiration date for the gas within when applicable.

Medical cylinders must be labeled in accordance with USP requirements.  Labels must display accepted technical terminology, batch and control numbers, etc.  Gas purity must meet USP specifications.  Purchasing Entities at the UNIVERSITY will reject cylinders that are defective or cosmetically unsuitable for use within a healthcare facility.

No Hazmat Fees: The UNIVERSITY will not pay hazmat fees under this Contract.


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