Temporary Help Services contract effective January 1, 2012.  MHEC contract # is MC12-J03 (State contract # PRF49).
The contracts are the same contracts so please us MHEC MC12-J03 on your requests because UMass is a member of MHEC.

This contract is different from the ones we have used in the past in that it was awarded to one vendor statewide. This vendor is the Resource Connection, Inc. and they are responsible for monitoring and managing a series of sub-contracted temp services agencies.

The local vendor for UMass Amherst is Johnson & Hill in Springfield & Northampton. This is the same vendor that has held the contract for the past several years so the transition will be smooth.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that will guide you thru the process of how to use this contract.

If there are any questions on this contract or if you experience difficulty with the vendor please contact the Procurement Department at 5-0361.

Who is the Prime Contractor for MHEC MC12-J03 (State contract # PRF49)?
The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC) is the Prime Contractor. 
Contract Manager:  Janet Santa Anna 
Project Manager:  Peter Konrad
Staffing Coordinator Lead: Taisha Salcedo
Phone number:   978 777 9333

What services will The Resource Connection (TRC) and its subcontractors provide under MHEC MC12-J03?
TRC, along with its Strategic Alliance Team and Managed Services Partner, will provide:

  • Temporary Help Services as listed in MHEC MC12-J03
  • Centralized Order Management,
  • Electronic Timecards and Consolidate Billing,
  • Executive Search Services

How do I place a job order for Temporary Help or Executive Search?
You have 24/7 On Demand access to request Temporary Help or Executive Search services via TRC’s dedicated web link for MHEC members.  Log on to  select the MHEC link, and select either Temporary Help or Executive Search.

Who are the subcontractors working with The Resource Connection?
The local sub-contractor is Johnson & Hill Staffing (A SDO certified women owned business) whowill provide Temporary Help Services to UMass Amherst.

Isaacson Miller and Lois L. Lindauer Searches can provide Executive Recruitment/Search for MHEC members.

To ensure that invoicing and payments are processed properly, all new requests must be placed with The Resource Connection as defined above in “How to Place a Job Order”.

What do I need to do with temporary staff that is in place now and is needed beyond January 1, 2012?
In general if the temporary staff in question has a valid University contract for services in effect they will not be affected by this new contract. Please contact the Procurement Department at 545-0361with any questions.

Where do I find the categories of personnel associated with MHEC MC12-J03
Attached is a listing with a full description of the available positions under this contract. There is also an attachment that lists each position along with a rate range for that position. The description is there to allow the department to review position descriptions to determine what their need is. The rate range is there to allow departments the ability to negotiate a rate within the range based on the level of staff needed. Note: if you go directly to the State contract on Comm-pass and review the rate ranges they will be higher than the rates listed on our UMass web page for the same positions. This is because we negotiated a rate that was more applicable to our service area. Please make sure you use the UMass Amherst rates when reviewing your needs.

What if I need temporary help that is not listed under PRF49?
Please contact the Procurement Department at 545-0361 with any questions.

What happens after the Job Request/ Statement of Work is submitted?
You will receive a response that your request has been received.

  • Johnson & Hill will send candidate’s resumes to TRC based on our needs,
  • The resumes/responses will be sent to the UMass requesting department for review and selection,
  • TRC will coordinate interviews, employment screens, etc. from the UMass requesting department as indicated on the Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Once a selection is made, TRC will complete the placement record and execute the SOW with the UMass requesting department.
  • Once you select the desired candidate you will need to enter a requisition into the PeopleSoft Financial System so a purchase order can be generated and sent to The Resource Connection. Note: the requisition and po will be to The Resource Connection and not Johnson & Hill. The Resource Connection’s PeopleSoft vendor # is 0000017259 .
  • Once the staff is hired you will receive an email each week that contains an electronic time card for approval.

Is a Statement of Work required?
Yes.  The Statement of Work (SOW) is required for all new engagements under this contract.  You can find the SOW at:  by selecting the MHEC link, selecting Temporary Help Requests then  “Please click here to request services. It’s a couple of steps but it’s easier than it sounds!

What if I need to request multiple staff?
The Statement of Work/Order Form will provide you an option for requesting multiple staff . 

How do I approve and submit hours for temporaries?
The Resource Connection will be managing the electronic timecards for all new engagements beginning January 1, 2012.  Temporary workers will submit timecards through econnect, The Resource Connection’s online web-based time and approval system.  Temporary employees enter their time online and submit them electronically to their assigned supervisor for approval.  The system automatically notifies the supervisor when a time card is pending approval.  

Questions: Please contact the Procurement Department at 545-0361


Temporary Help Services Contract

MHEC contract # MC12-J03

Temporary help services categories

Statewide Contractors must provide Temporary Help Service Workers who meet or exceed the skill levels required under MHEC contract # MC12-J03 for the following categories:

  1. Accountant Position: Must have familiarity of automated accounting systems, prepare monthly internal financial statements, and perform account analysis and special accounting projects. Assist with the implementation and the maintenance of accounting control policies, procedures, systems for financial control, and safeguarding of Commonwealth assets.  Reports to senior management on operating performance; financial reporting policies; tax reporting; audit control; revenue and expense analysis and forecasting of financial results. Qualifications: Requires a B.S. degree in accounting, finance, or equivalent, a MBA, CPA, or CMA are desirable. Three (3) years of experience are required for this position. Knowledge of General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is necessary. Must be able to work independently as well as in a team setting.

  2. Accounting Support: Balances and reconciles accounts. Produces financial and statistical reports and statement from subsidiary ledgers (payables and receivables). Verifies the accuracy of information (vouchers, purchase orders, invoices and payments). May process money (sort, count and wrap). Qualifications: Knowledge of accounting terminology and concepts, familiarity of manual and automated accounting systems, filing systems, and skills using mainframe, spreadsheet, database or other software. Must have the ability to update and modify existing data. Requires strong communication skills and three (3) years of working experience. An Associate's Degree with coursework in bookkeeping or accounting is desired. Accounting support experience can substitute education.

  3. Administrative Support: Knowledge and familiarity with standard business practices. Performs general filing duties and uses basic office equipment, including photocopy machines, facsimile machines, binding machines, etc. Transcribes dictation, summarizes meetings, proofreads documents, completes forms, and performs basic mail distribution activities. Produces lists, labels, forms and other documents. Receives phone calls, greets visitors, schedules appointments, and makes travel or meeting arrangements. Participates in any specialized projects. . Should be able to perform mail-room duties such as distribution and sorting. Qualifications: Must be able to communicate clearly and accurately, orally and in writing, have skills in transcribing material, and have strong organizational skills.  Has basic to intermediate computer skills including: word processing and spreadsheet software, with working knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Outlook experience.  It is essential for this person to handle confidential information professionally and be able to work well independently. For this position a High School Diploma or equivalent is required. Two (2) to three (3) years of working experience are preferred.

  4. Customer Service: Provide prompt, courteous, complete, accurate, concise and easy-to-understand information to the general public. Respond to inquiries and deliver messages promptly, accurately, positively, professionally and respectfully. Any verbal and written communication with internal and external ‘customers’ has to be clear, concise, and as jargon-free as possible. Must be able to follow Departments policies on customer service expectations and minimum standards for accessibility and responsiveness. May perform a variety of other office tasks such as greeting visitors, setting appointments, taking messages, faxing, emailing and filing among others.  Qualifications: Must be well organized, and be able to work with minimal supervision. Should maintain a calm, courteous and professional demeanor at all times with tact and diplomacy. Must possess strong office and technical skills, including operating knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically Outlook. For this position an education greater than a High School Diploma is preferred. One (1) to three (3) years of working experience is required.

  5. Data Entry Operator: Enters data into computer systems using an alpha-numeric keyboard with speed and precision. Sets up and prepares reports, letters, mailing labels, and other text material. Reviews the accuracy of the data and manually key in any missed or incorrect information. Manipulates existing data, edits current information, and proofreads new entries. Operators edit, store, and revise letters, memos, reports, statistical tables, forms, and other printed materials. Reviews and accepts the accuracy of personal records, billing and financial, sensitive and vital information. Analyses the data already entered existing files by simultaneously viewing the image on-screen. Qualifications: Computer skills are required with a solid knowledge on Microsoft Office, must be able to type between 8,000 and 10,000 keystrokes per hour. For this position a High School Diploma or equivalent is preferred. One (1) to three (3) years of working experience are required.

  6. Event Support Person: This position is not to be confused with a professional event planner. The event support person assists with the preparation of what is needed for an event to run smoothly. The duties may include some or all of the following, depending on the event: set up of food, drinks, music, guest list, give-aways, arrange decor, tables, chairs, tents, parking, signage, distributing materials, and cleanup. Qualifications: Must be an energetic candidate with good interpersonal and communication skills, be able to follow directives and work well in teams. Prior event support experience is desirable.

  7. Executive Recruitment: This category is available for MHEC and to Executive Branch Departments with prior written approval from OSD. Develops, coordinates, and executes and effective time based search for senior positions to be placed within public or educational departments or institutions. Works with Client Committees, drafts position requirements, advertises, develops sourcing and evaluation criteria. Outlines the process and procedures to guide participants within the client search groups through the recruitment cycle. Provides a recommended finalist list based on the evaluation criteria, coordinates the interview process, including background and reference checks, assists in the negotiation with the final candidate(s), checks all credentials and manages the communications with unsuccessful candidates. Qualifications: Must have five (5) years of experience in this industry, and present the number for executive searches completed within the past five (5) years. Demonstrate experience in recruitment of candidates for the public sector, colleges and universities. Candidates must be strictly confidential and be able to communicate and facilitate the process with client groups. Be able to work with tight time constraints and effectively use sourcing resources.

  8. Graphic Designer: Experience within the graphic design and graphic arts industry assembling together images, typography or motion graphics to create a piece of design. Creating graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media; responsible for type setting, illustration, user interfaces, and web design. Familiarity with public sector is desired in order to develop visual solutions that are perceived as relevant, understandable and effective. Should have a thorough understanding of production and rendering methods. Qualifications: Must demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Word and one or more graphic design software programs, including but not limited to: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign).  Must have a degree or certificate from an accredited school in graphic design. It is a requirement that the Hiring Agency sees an applicant’s portfolio before a selection is done.   Working experience in graphic design is preferred.

  9. HR/Payroll Assistant: Support to Human Resource Office with the activities that are necessary in the recruiting of workforce, providing employees with payroll and benefits, and administrate their work-life needs.Assists in processing all financial records of salary payments, tax withholdings, wages, and deductions on regular intervals. Provides support to all payroll functions to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions. Process paperwork for employee benefits such as: group insurance, disability, retirement benefits, dependent care expenses, tuition reimbursement, sick leave, and vacation. Qualifications: Must be knowledgeable of federal and state regulations that govern payroll and benefits. Familiarity of HR processes and policies is required. Confidentiality and professionalism in the handling of sensitive information are essential requirements for this position. Requires strong communication skills and three (3) years of working experience. An Associate's Degree with coursework in bookkeeping or accounting is desired. Payroll support experience can substitute education.

  10. Legal Administrative Assistant: Provides high-level legal administrative support for Legal Offices, performing a variety of responsible secretarial, technical, and administrative functions. Follows established rules and procedures in responding to requests, insures maintenance of legal opinion files, litigation files, subject files and legal publications; files legal documents with appropriate courts; screens calls and visitors; maintains follow-up/reminder systems to insure timely completion of projects. Qualifications: Knowledge of legal terminology, legal research methods, and procedures is necessary for this position. Confidentiality is a must for this position. Must be able to work independently and as part of a team. One (1) to three (3) years of relevant working experience are required.

  11. Light Labor: Performs manual labor tasks tosupport the work of skilled tradesmen and craftsmen.  Performs various manual tasks such as lifting, sorting, and cleaning up in a Department.  This category does not include skilled, licensed tradespersons, etc.  Unpacks and stores supplies.  May be requested to assist in periodic inventories of equipment and supplies. Qualifications: Must have physical ability to perform light physical duties, such as moving and storage of files not to exceed 35 pounds each.  Must have ability to use small hand tools and simple motorized equipment.  Must be able to follow oral and written instructions, work in a team setting, and possesses manual dexterity, physical stamina and endurance.  Must be fluent in English.  Able to read, write and comprehend English.

  12. Light Industrial Labor: This category is intended to provide janitorial, housekeeping, and custodial and services on a temporary basis.  This category does not include skilled or licensed tradespersons, however, it includes but is not limited to:  temporary food service employees, shipping and receiving workers, inventory and packaging technicians.  Qualifications: Must have physical ability to perform light physical duties, such as moving and storage of files not to exceed 35 pounds each.  Must be able to follow oral and written instructions, work in a team setting, and possesses manual dexterity, physical stamina and endurance.  Must be fluent in English.  Able to read, write and comprehend English.

  13. Medical Administrative Assistant: Duties to include: schedule and confirm patient diagnostic appointments, surgeries and medical consultations. Electronically compile and record medical charts, reports, and correspondence. Receive and route messages and documents such as laboratory results to appropriate staff. Interview patients in order to complete documents, case histories, and forms such as intake and insurance forms. Maintain medical records, technical library and correspondence files. Transmit correspondence and medical records by mail, e-mail, or fax. Arrange hospital admissions for patients. Transcribe recorded messages and practitioners' diagnoses and recommendations into patients' medical records. Complete insurance and other claim forms. Qualifications: Specialized training or work experience with knowledge of technical terminology and procedures, insurance rules, billing practices, and hospital or laboratory procedures. One (1) to three (3) years of relevant working experience are required.

  14. Paralegal: This category is intended to exclude attorneys.   Must possess paralegal certification, and be able to provide a copy of same to Department at any time.  Provides legal support services.  Assists in preparation of legal documents.  Reviews points of law and drafts documents under supervision of legal counsel.  Aids in preparing cases for trial or administrative proceedings by collecting evidence, organizing case file documentation and exhibits.  Performs related duties such as developing case tracking systems, preparing correspondence, operation office machines, and scheduling appointments. Qualifications: Must have knowledge of terminology, symbols and standard abbreviations used in legal practice.  Must have knowledge of the methods of technical and general report writing.  Ability to express thoughts clearly and to develop ideas in logical sequence.  Must have ability to exercise sound judgment and discretion in handling confidential information.  Must have ability to work well independently, work well with others, and to interact with people who are under physical or emotional stress.  Must be fluent in English.  Able to read, write and comprehend English. One (1) to three (3) years of relevant working experience are required.

  15. Office Support Technician: This person would be in charge of assisting in correcting basic issues with office machines and equipment.  This equipment includes but it is not limited to:  printers, photocopiers, fax machines, postage meters, shredders, 2-way radios, electric staplers, etc. This person would be responsible for trouble shooting any potential problems. Ensures that equipment is working properly and places service calls to appropriate vendors for servicing when necessary. Qualifications: Must have physical ability to perform light physical duties, been able to lift and move up to 35 pounds.  Requires strong communication skills and a minimum of one year of working experience. A High School Diploma or equivalent is desired. Office support experience may substitute education.

  16. Receptionist: Greets, escorts and answers visitors' general inquiries, directs visitors to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answers and routes incoming calls for ten (10) or more lines,  takes and relays telephone messages, provides directory assistance, sets appointments, filing, records keeping, keyboarding/data entry and performing a variety of other office tasks, such as faxing or emailing. May also perform bookkeeping duties and provides information regarding product or services. Has the ability to communicate clearly and accurately. Should maintain a calm, courteous and professional demeanor at all times with tact and diplomacy. Must possess strong office and technical skills. Should be able to perform mail-room duties such as distribution and sorting. Must be able to use standard office equipment and be proficient in certain computer programs. Qualifications: A receptionist should be very friendly and courteous as her primary responsibility is to greet visitors to a public office. Depending on the size of the Department the receptionist may need to be able to manage large groups of people needing attention right away, to check in visitors, take messages, notify employees of guests, etc. Must have operating knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Outlook. For this position an education greater than a High School Diploma is preferred. One (1) year of working experience is required.


Temporary Help Services
MHEC Contract # MC12-J03
Bill Rate Ranges for UMASS Amherst

The Resource Connection, Inc.  Prime Contractor 

Johnson & Hill Staffing Services, Subcontractor








Accountant Position

$ 29.40

$ 39.20

Accounting Support

$ 19.60

$ 26.60

Administrative Support

$ 17.50

$ 23.80

Customer Service

$ 15.40

$ 21.00

Data Entry Operator

$ 15.40

$ 18.20

Event Support Person

$ 14.00

$ 16.80

Graphic Designer

$ 20.30

$ 28.00

HR/Payroll Assistant

$ 21.00

$ 26.60

Legal Admin.  Assistant

$ 21.00

$ 28.00

Light Labor

$ 14.21

$ 18.20

Light Industrial Labor

$ 14.35

$ 18.20

Medical Admin.  Assistant

$ 18.20

$ 23.80


$ 25.20

$ 35.00

Office Support Technician

$ 16.80

$ 21.00


$ 15.40

$ 21.00

Telephonic Operator

$ 16.80

$ 23.80


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