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Advertisement Placement Services for Professional Staff & Faculty Positions and General Print & Online Advertising Needs
Contract Term: July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2019


Primary Vendor
Buyer Advertising

189 Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459


Jeff McEvoy – Account Director

Michelle Li  – Account Coordinator

Responsibilities: Act as the key liaison between the UMass Human Resources Department(s) and all of the resources of Buyer Advertising. Will visit on a regular schedule or as needs require. Responsible for the UMass ad program’s day-to-day ad placement. She will counsel you, suggest media placement and optimum ad size, and make minor copywriting edits. She will be familiar with all aspects of the account, as well as UMass policies and procedures for placing ads. See Ad Placement Process below.


857-404-0865 857-404-0894
Fax Number: 617.969.6807 617.969.6807
Ad Placement Process:

NOTE:  The advertising process detailed by Buyer Advertising, below, may not commence until the position and the ad have been authorized by all appropriate parties at your campus.  At the Amherst Campus, see the Human Resources website,  for detailed instructions on the requirements that must be met before such an ad is placed.  Note that this contract does not cover the placement of ads for classified employees, the policy for the advertising of which may vary by campus.    

1) Who to Contact: Jennifer Mitton, Buyer Advertising, is your lead Account Coordinator. In order to place an ad, contact her as shown above.

2) What You Will Need:

A) Send us the position titles and job descriptions you would like to advertise. We will write the copy for the ad, based on the position description you provide us.

B) Send us your contact information, including mailing address, email address and fax number.

C) Identify your target audience, including demographics and geography. You may have a specific publication in mind for your advertising. However, if you’re not sure, tell us the location or group of people you would like to reach and we will make a recommendation.

3) What Happens Next? After we build your ad, we will email you a proof. The proof will show you the ad along with a cost estimate. Review the ad and the cost. Let us know if you have any changes. We will make the changes and email another proof.

4)  Amherst Campus Requirement:  Create an eProcurement requisition in the Finance System made out to Buyer Advertising to authorize the placement of the ad. Make sure that you reference the Human Resources Personnel Requisition Number for the authorized position.  Use of the Procard instead of a purchase order is allowable, providing you have an HR Employee Requisition number and position ad that have been approved by all appropriate parties.  Once the ad text is completed, if paying by purchase order, email your approval to Buyer Advertising and reference the purchase order number.  If you are paying by Procard, you must phone in your authorization.  (Never reference your credit card number in an email.)   The ad will then be submitted to the approved media for placement.

5) Future Ads: After placing your first ad, you will only need to send us new positions, job descriptions, and  the authorized payment method  (at the Amherst Campus, make sure HR has approved the position and the ad first and include the HR Personnel Requisition ID). We will keep all other information on file to use in future ads.

Special Arrangements for Facebook Advertising - Must be processed through Buyer:

All Facebook Advertising must be arranged through Buyer Advertising. This arrangement is necessary as the terms Facebook requires agreement to contain language the University cannot accept. By using Buyer, Buyer agrees to the Facebook terms.

Contact Jeff McEvoy at Buyer to arrange for your Facebook ads.

  • Ad Campaigns on Facebook will have a fee of $50/campaign with Buyer
  • This fee is based on the following agreement:
    • Buyer to provide UMass Amherst with a checklist of all relevant information needed to submit a campaign - see template (DOC)
    • Buyer to book ad based on criteria supplied by UMass Amherst
    • UMass Amherst to supply art, headline, body copy, what they are willing to spend in total and on a daily basis
    • Buyer will provide UMass Amherst with a monthly invoice for the advertising costs with Facebook which can be paid by Procard

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For complete details, link to the Human Resources site - Department Hire Kit.


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