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Award made to:


Cancelled by the Department


Cancelled by the Department



Pending Award
Pending Award
Pending Award
Pending Award
Pending Award
Pending Award
Closed by the Department
Multiple Vendor Award:
Alejandro Vicuna
Deborah Kline
Extra Solid Media
Sheila Abdullah
Todd LeMieux

Multiple Vendor Award:
Clodoid - Dba: Amherst Copy
Hanke Digital Printing
Integrated Marketing
Whitestone Partners - Dba: Go Graphix

Pending Award
Cancelled by the Department
William D. Mullins Memorial Center
Pending Award
Pending Award
Pending Award
Contract:  Consulting & Professional Services for the Implementation of Salesforce CRM Solutions
Pending Award
Contract: Rental of Snow Plow Equipment

United Rentals (North America), Inc.

Testing & Commissioning of the PV Interconnection Control System

Southern New England Ultraviolet Co., Inc.

Contract: Cranberry Crop Handler

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Lease: Automated Medicine Dispensing Machine

Closed by the Department

Contract: Airline Carrier Services for Basketball 2016-2017
Cancelled by the Department
Ford Transits – Glass & Cable with Trade-in’s
Marcotte Ford
Contract: Airline Carrier Services for Women’s Basketball 2016-2017
Canelled by the Department
Contract: Fresh Bread
  • Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.
  • CT Pie- Dba: Diana's Bakery
Furniture for the Design Building
  • Lexington Group
  • Staples Business Advantage
  • W.B. Mason
Provide, Furnish, Deliver, Uncrate, Assemble and Set-in Place Custom Furniture for the Design Building
Workplace Modular Systems
Contract:  Food Waste Composting Services
Martin's Farm
Contract:  Mattress Disposal Services
Closed by the Department
Printing of the Undergraduate Admissions Viewbook and Envelopes

Allied Printing Services, Inc.

Printing, Labeling, Sorting and Mailing of the UMass Magazine
Print & On-Line Advertising Services
Buyer Advertising
Post Campaign Assessment
Benz Whaley Flessner


Commodity Internet Bid
Level 3 Communications


Fresh High Quality Produce, Precut Produce & Prepared Salads


Contract: Food Waste Composting Services
Cancelled by the Department


Amendment 1

Web Site Maintenance and Development For The Isenberg School of Management
Shady Hill Studios LLC
Hotel UMass Property Management Software
Closed by the Department


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Blue Cross/Blue Shield


Addendum #1

Cell Culture
Fisher Scientific and Micro Video Instruments

The documents on this website are the official source of information on all bids for the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Documents attained from other sources will not be recognized during the bid and award process. Vendor’s relying on documents obtained from sources other than this website do so at their own risk and may result in the rejection of an individual’s bid.

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