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Individual Corporate Travel Card Program

The link below will take you to the Citibank Individual Corporate Travel Card Application Form. This form needs to be completed, approved and sent to the Manager of Business Services in the Procurement Department. If your application has been completed properly and it has been approved by the appropriate person from your department, then you will receive an email invitation to submit an online application through the Citibank Web Site. You should keep a copy of the application that you submit to the Procurement Department. You will need this information to complete your online application. Once your card arrives, you will need to attend an orientation session to review the Travel Card policies and procedures and recieve your card.

Individual Corporate Travel Card Application CitiBank

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The Individual Corporate Travel Card provides many important features to employees who travel on business for UMass.

1. Introduction
2. Use of the MasterCard
3. How your MasterCard bill is paid
4. Delinquent Accounts
5. Automobile Rental Insurance
6. Checks and ATM Cash Withdrawals
7. Transaction Fees
8. Important UMass Travel Contacts
9. Travel Agency


The Individual Corporate Travel Card provides many important features to employees who travel on business for UMASS. It facilitates payment of travel expenses and provides essential data to the University. In addition, it provides car rental insurance at no cost and is the method to obtain cash for out-of-pocket expenses that cannot be made on the Individual Corporate Travel Card . Important information about your Individual Corporate Travel Card can be found in the Citibank Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card Cardholder Account Agreement, which was included with your Individual Corporate Travel Card .


The Individual Corporate Travel Card may only be used for University travel and approved business expenses. Personal charges may not be made on the card. Shortly after the 21st of each month, you will receive an email reminder from Citibank to download your statement from the Citibank Web Site at
Accounts are payable in full each month. Because the Individual Corporate Travel Card is an individual liability card, University cardholders are responsible for the charges made to the card and for maintaining their accounts in good standing. The University receives information on spending information details and delinquent accounts.

ALLOWABLE travel and business expenses:

* airfares
* Amtrak fares
* airport parking
* car rentals
* conference registration fees
* travel agency transaction fees
* fuel for vehicles – excluding personal vehicles
* ground transportation
* hotels/lodging
* restaurants
* professional memberships – when you are traveling

PROHIBITED charges include:

* catalog orders
* equipment
* personal expenses
* subscriptions
* supplies & commodities
* alcohol (refer to the Travel Policy and Procedures Manual)
* entertainment (varies by department)
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Travelers must complete an expense report at the completion of each trip. Departmental Certified Travel Preparers can arrange payments for certain pre-trip expenses -- airfare, conference registration, hotel deposits and all post-trip expenses directly to your Individual Corporate Travel Card account.
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Suspended Accounts
A late fee will be charged when the account has a balance that is 31 days ( 2 Months ) past due.  For example, a charge on your January 21st statement must be paid before  March 21st. If the charge isn’t paid by this date, your account charged a 2.5% late fee on the past due balance. Your account will be suspended and another late fee will be charged if your account reaches 61 days past due. The account will remain suspended until the balance on the account is below 60 days past due. 

Closed Accounts
If the balance on your account becomes 121 days or more past due your account will be closed and your personal credit will be affected. Once the account is closed Citi Bank will not issue a new you a card.

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Physical Damage Insurance
Full value, up to $50k of primary coverage is provided for most rental cars when the entire rental transaction is made with your MasterCard corporate travel card. Travelers must decline the car rental company’s CDW/LDW coverage to take advantage of this no-cost service. This coverage includes coverage for damage or theft for rentals up to 31 days worldwide. Certain restrictions, limitations, and exclusions apply, so please refer to the MasterCard Corporate Services and Benefits notice that was included with your Individual Corporate Travel Card.  Call 1-800-MC-ASSIST if you have any questions.

Liability Insurance
Within Massachusetts
Decline the liability insurance if you are renting the vehicle in Massachusetts and you will only be driving the vehicle in the State of Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, rental companies are required by state law to carry the minimum liability coverage on their rental vehicles.
Outside of Massachusetts
Purchase the liability insurance offered by the rental company, if renting a vehicle outside of the State of Massachusetts or for use outside of Massachusetts.
Employees must include the “University of Massachusetts “next to their names on rental applications.
Notes:  This coverage is not provided for vans that carry more than nine (9) or for losses from motor vehicles rented in Australia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica and New Zealand.

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Convenience Checks can be order for Individual Corporate Travel Card Accounts upon request.


For out-of-pocket expenses, cardholders have access to cash by using worldwide ATMs. PIN numbers are mailed directly to your campus address. 

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You will be charged a $5 transaction fee if you use an ATM for a cash withdrawal. Citi Bank will charge a fee of 2% of each cash advance if a teller processes your transaction. The University has determined that ATM transaction fees are reimbursable expenses provided cash advances have not been issued by the Bursar’s Office for the same trip. Travelers should make only one ATM cash withdrawal per trip. Check transaction fees are fully reimbursable when used as payments for allowable travel/business expenses and when accompanied by original receipts for such expenses.

You will be charged $5 plus 1.5% of the transaction amount when you use a convenience check.

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CitiBank Customer Service

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
If outside the U.S., call collect at 904-954-7314

MasterRental Insurance

1-800-MC-ASSIST or 1-800-62-277478

Roadside Dispatch

1-800-MC-ASSIST or 1-800-62-277478
Roadside Dispatch provides emergency roadside
automotive assistance. Costs are the responsibility
of the cardholder.

Automobile Accidents

In the event of an accident with a University owned, leased or rented vehicle, the University Treasurer’s
Office must be contacted:
Kate Leahy — 774-455-7616

UMass Individual Corporate Travel Card Program

Gary Duggan, Manager of Business Services
407, Goodell Building
Tel: (413) 545-6231
Fax: (413) 545-1643

UMass Travel Expense Reimbursements
Travel Unit
Controller’s Office
405, Goodell Building
Tel:  413-545-3341
Fax:  413-545-4233

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The Travel Collaborative
625 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 207
Cambridge, Ma. 02138

UMass Dedicated Reservation Numbers
855-497-8112 (Toll free)

Emergency After Hours Service Number
Member Code: G377
888-567-9396 within USA/Canada/Puerto Rico
303-801-2174 International

More information is available on the Controller's Office - Travel Policy and Procedures Manual:

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