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Procard Equipment Waiver

Equipment is a restricted commodity on Procard.

The definition of equipment for Procard is a purchase that meets all four of the following:

  • Is a free standing unit
  • Costing $100 or more
  • that is repairable
  • and has a life expectancy of 2 or more years

In order to obtain the additional privilege to purchase equipment with your Procard, you need to complete the Memo of Understanding for the Purchase of Equipment with Procard.  Please be sure to obtain the signatures of your account administrator and department head. Signature delegation is not allowed for this process. Review and subsequent approval will be made by the Procard Manager and notification will come via email.

The waiver form can be found at -

Please forward this form to Holly Lankowski - Procard Manager - Procurement Department - 407 Goodell Building.

Please feel free to call 413-545-1748 with any question. 


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