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Welcome to Print Services Help section and Frequently Asked Questions. If for some reason this site cannot answer any of your questions please contact us.

If you are confused by the technical terms used by Print Services, please check out our Glossary.

How do I submit a print job to Print Services on CD or memory stick?

What type of files can I submit?

Can I submit Macintosh files and disks?

Can I submit a file over the web?

How do I save a file in Adobe InDesign for the best possible output?

How do I save a file in Adobe PageMaker for the best possible output?

How do I save a file in Microsoft Publisher for the best possible output?

How do I submit a print job to Print Services on CD or memory stick?

  • Fill out a Print Services order form

  • Bring the order form with the cd or memory stick to 139 Whitmore.

  • Include a copy of all images and fonts that appear in your document on the cd or memory stock  and indicate whether you are using a PC or Mac platform.

  • Bring a hard copy of the document you wish reproduced


What type of files can I submit?

We support all of these in PC and Mac format:

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Postscript


We support the following in PC format only:


Pagemaker, Publisher


Can I submit Macintosh files and disks?

We would prefer PC files and disks; however we do take Macintosh files and disks for your convenience.


Can I submit a file over the web?

You may submit files over the web by uploading the files to your UDrive and sharing the folder with us.  If you are a registered user of our Online Store, you may upload files directly to us.


Adobe InDesign - Preflight and Package

Under the File menu, select Preflight. InDesign will check your document for any major technical problems.

Read through the various sections of the preflight report to make sure they agree with what you thought you had.

Click the Package button to collect everything you need for reproduction.

Follow the instructions as they come up on the screen.


PageMaker - Save for Service Bureau Instructions

In PageMaker, there is a plug-in under Utilities named Save for Service Provider. Using the Save for Service Provider plug-in, the user can copy the publication, all linked image files, fonts, and other files required to print the document. Save for Service Provider also helps resolve broken links by prompting the user to locate the folders containing linked files. Similarly, this plug-in can also check the status of links and fonts in a PostScript file generated by PageMaker 6.5.

A concise report of the information we need to create out-put from a PageMaker or PostScript file can also be created. The report includes details about fonts, linked graphics, a summary of the print settings, as well as information about who to contact regarding the publication.

To save files and generate a report using Save for Service Provider:

  1. Choose Utilities > Plug-ins > Save for Service Provider. The Summary dialog box opens. The plug-in works on the active publication if the Check Pub is clicked. If the user wants to check a PostScript file, click Check .PS, and then double-click the PostScript file that is to be sent to the printer.

  2. Click Fonts, Links, Printing, or Colors to see a detailed report on that aspect of the publication or PostScript file. Print the status information by clicking Print at any time.

  3. If the Links dialog box shows one or more linked files needing attention, click Relink or
    Relink All, and navigate to the correct image files.

  4. To save the publication, click Package, and set options as follows:

    1. From the Report Type pop-up menu, choose Formatted (for a PageMaker publication) or Text only (for an ASCII text-only file).

    2. Select Auto Open Package Report if, after saving the publication and associated files, the user wants to display the summary report in a new window on your desktop.

    3. Select Update Links to bring out-of-date links up-to-date in the original publication before making a package.

    4. For Include, select Copy Fonts to avoid missing fonts at print time, and then select the kind of fonts—All, Type 1 (PostScript), or TrueType.

    5. Click Notes to enter contact information, such as the user’s name and phone number, any comments on printing the publication, and then click OK.

    6. Specify a location in which to save all necessary files.

    7. Click Save to copy the necessary files to the destination folder.


Microsoft Publisher 2000 - Pack and Go

To start the Pack and Go Wizard, point to Pack and Go on the File menu, and then click Take to a commercial printing service. Follow the instructions on the screen from the Pack and Go Wizard.

If a source file (a graphic or file you have linked to the publication) can't be found, you can locate the original picture and update the link.

When Publisher packs the files, it names and numbers the files and adds a .puz extension. The first file is named Packed01.puz, the second file is named Packed02.puz and so on. Publisher copies the .puz files or files to the destination folder or disk and prompts you to insert additional disks if needed. By default, Publisher packs files to drive A. If you want to pack them to another location, click Browse on the Wizard page and then choose a different drive and folder.


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