Final Massachusetts Gubernatorial Poll- Results

The final UMass Amherst/WBZ Poll shows Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker maintaining a close race for governor, with Coakley up 3 points among likely voters (within the Margin of Error).

Highlights include:

  • Coakley maintains a large (+19) advantage among women, but Baker holds a 15 point lead among men.
  • Baker has a 29 point advantage among Independents, but his support among this group likely needs to exceed 30 points in order to win the election
  • 41% of those who voted for Grossman in the Democratic primary plan to vote for Baker in the general election. 27% of Berwick supporters also intend to vote for Baker.
  • Voters continue to see the economy is the most important issue in this race. Baker is more trusted than Coakley on that issue.
  • Nearly half of those intending to vote for Charlie Baker say they are doing so mostly to vote against Martha Coakley.
  • Ballot questions 2, 3, and 4 all look likely to be defeated on election day, while the poll shows more support than opposition for Question 1
  • Democratic candidates lead in other statewide races, including Markey for Senate, Bump for Auditor, and Goldberg for treasurer.
  • Low income voters favor Coakley by a wide margin, middle income voters are split, and those with higher incomes favor Baker by a significant margin.


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