New Hampshire Senate Election Poll - Results

A new UMass Amherst/WBZ Poll shows New Hampshire Senate candidates Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown maintaining a close race, with Shaheen up 3 points among likely voters (within the Margin of Error).

Highlights include:

  • Shaheen is up 3 among likely voters with leaners included. This lead is within the poll's margin of error but is in line with the polling average for the race.
  • Shaheen's approval is 47%, but that is almost 10 points higher than Obama's approval among New Hampshire voters.
  • 49% of voters hold a favorable opinion of Shaheen, compared to 39% for Brown.
  • Voters see the economy is the most important issue in this race, with health care second. Shaheen is trusted more than Brown when it comes to both of these issues.
  • When asked what one word they would use to best describe Brown, New Hampshire voters most commonly selected "carpetbagger." Relatedly, Shaheen has a 14 point edge over Brown on who would best represent New Hampshire voters.
  • Shaheen is up 7 among women and Brown is only up 2 among men.
  • Brown is up among independents by 9. Independents trust Brown more than Shaheen on the issues of National Security and Immigration.
  • Low income voters favor Shaheen by a wide margin, but middle income voters favor Brown. 
  • Shaheen is only winning 11% of voters who say they disapprove of Obama.


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