2010 Massachusetts General Election Exit Poll

On November 2nd, 2010, UMass students sampled voters leaving their polling places at 18 randomly selected voting precincts throughout the state of Massachusetts. This exit poll was directed by Professor Brian Schaffner and was designed and conducted by students in his honors class “Political Polling and Survey Research.”

The Exit Poll research also resulted in the following report: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Commonwealth's "Information for Voters" Booklet [pdf]

Data Available

Crosstabs for the vote for Governor [pdf]

Exit Poll Questionnaires: Form A | Form B [pdf]

Download complete data [.dta] or visit IQSS Dataverse for downloads

Methodology [pdf]


News Coverage of the Exit Poll has appeared on Pollster.comDaily Hampshire Gazette (andhere), WFCR (~31 minute mark of clip), and WWLP (Ch. 22).