University of Massachusetts Amherst Polices & Procedures

UMass Amherst Policies & Procedures

The University Guide to Policies and Procedures provides deans, directors and managers access to University policies and procedures necessary for the management of staff and resources.

The University Guide contains policies, procedures and guidelines that affect students, faculty, staff, guests and visitors. Policies and procedures that are specific to a department’s internal operations do not appear in the University Guide.

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Absence Due to Religious Observances Policy ()

Absences (Student) due to Health Reasons ()

Academic Degree Programs, Changes and Terminations (TDoc. T92-12) - PDF ()

Academic Grievances Policy ()

Academic Honesty Policy ()

Academic Personnel Policy (The Red Book)- PDF ()

Academic Programs Definitions and Guidelines - Faculty Senate ()

Academic Quality Assessment and Development (AQAD - Departmental Review) ()

Acceptable Use Policy (Reviewed 12/21/10 by OIT)

Access to and Retention of Research Data Policy - Draft ()

Account Deactivations and Removals ()

Accounting Manual

Accounts Receivable Policy (TDoc. T97-118) ()

Administrative Cost Policy ()

Administrative Withdrawal Policy ()

Advertising Position Vacancies - PDF ()

Advising and Support Services for Students ()

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Statement ()

Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination Policy Statement ()

Affirmative Action Plans Reporting Format ()

Alcoholic Beverage Policy ()

Alterations to Buildings Policy ()

American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Contract - PDF ()

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ()

Animal Care Policies ()

Approval Process for Fees Related to Trust Funds Policy (TDoc. T92-031 Appendix E) ()

Audit Protocols (TDoc. T92-062) ()

Awarding Emeritus Status Policy (TDoc. T93-054) ()

Awarding Honorary Degrees Policy ()

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Benefits Summary for Faculty & Staff ()

Bidding Procurements Policy ()

Blanket Purchase Orders Policy ()

Brownout Situation (Mandatory) - Emergency Procedures - PDF ()

Budget Change System ()

Business Continuity and Planning Guidelines ()

Business Continuity Policy Statement (TDoc. T99-060) ()

Business Expense Policy (TDoc. T92-031, Appendix C) ()

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Campus Center Events Office and Catering ()

Campus Center Vendors and Student Businesses Policy ()

Campus Center/Student Union Facilities Use Policy - PDF ()

Campus Distribution Services Policies and Procedure ()

Campus Mail Usage Policy ()

Campus Pet Policy ()

Capitalization and Inventory Control Policy (TDoc. T96-073) ()

Centers and Institutes Policy and Procedures (TDoc. T96-096) ()

Colleges and Universities Rate Agreement ()

Compensation for Certain Additional Professional Policy Services (TDoc. T68-060) ()

Computer Security and Usage Guidelines ()

Computer Security and Usage Guidelines, Data Security and Classification Guidelines and Electronic Mail Guidelines - Definition Addendum ()

Computing Accounts Policies ()

Computing Recharge Procedure ()

Confined Space Policy ()

Conflict of Interest ()

Conflict of Interest in Research and Scholarly Activity Policy ()

Conflict of Interest Relating to Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures Policy (Doc.T96-039) ()

Consultant Services Policy (TDoc. T92-031, Appendix D) ()

Continuing Education Enrollment Categories ()

Contract Purchases General Policy ()

Controlled Substances Purchase Policy ()

Corporate Travel Card Policy ()

Cost Sharing Policy and Procedures ()

Cost Transfer Policy ()

Course Approval Procedures - Faculty Senate ()

Course Instructional Guidelines - Faculty Senate ()

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Dealing with Charges of Misconduct in Research and Scholarly Activities Policy ()

Determination of On and Off Campus Indirect Cost Rates on Grants and Contracts Policy ()

Development and Administration of Grants, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements for Sponsored Programs Policy (TDoc. T94-034) ()

Disclosure of Research Results Policy ()

Dispute Resolution ()

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments ()

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Electronic Data Security, Electronic Mail and Computer Policy Development Policy Statement (TDoc. T99-060) ()

Electronic Mail Guidelines ()

Emergency Closing Policy ()

Employment Ads Policy ()

Enrollment Regulations for Continuing Education ()

Environmental Health and Safety Policy/Mission ()

Equipment, Disposition and Disposal Policy ()

Ethical Practices and Conduct of Employees Policy ()

Examinations Policy ()

Exclusion of Equipment Fabrication Costs from the Modified Total Direct Cost Base Policy ()

Expenditure Classification Crosswalk (Object Codes) ()

Extreme Temperatures in Work Locations ()

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Facilities Guide to Services Sample Service Request Form ()

Facilities Planning Roles and Responsibilities ()

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program ()

Faculty Consulting ()

Faculty Consulting and Outside Activities Policy (TDoc. T96-047) ()

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ()

Family Leave Policy ()

Final Examination Policy ()

Financial Aid - Graduate Student ()

Financial Aid - Undergraduate ()

Fire Safety Regulations for Barbecues ()

Firearms and Weapons Policy ()

Foreign National Payment Policy ()

Fraudulent Financial Activities (TDoc. T00.051) ()

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General Education Designation Policy - Faculty Senate ()

Governance Policy -The Wellman Report (TDoc. 73-098) ()

Grading Policy and Grade Point Average System ()

Graduate Academic Policies, Procedures and Deadlines ()

Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) Contract - PDF ()

Graduate Employees Policy ()

Grievance Policy and Procedures ()

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Halloween Decorating Guidelines ()

Hate Graffiti Response Protocol ()

Hazardous Energy Control Policy (Lockout/Tagout) ()

Hazing Policy ()

Holiday Fire Safety Guidelines ()

Holiday Observances - PDF ()

Housing Services Regulations ()

Human Body Fluids Precautions Policy ()

Human Resources Policies ()

Human Subjects Policy ()

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Informing Prospective Employees about Crime Report ()

Intellectual Property Policy (TDoc. T96-040) ()

International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO) Contract - PDF ()

Intolerance ()

Investment Policy (TDoc. T92-031 Appendix F) ()

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Joint Authorship Policy ()

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Labor Management Workplace Education ()

Laboratory Clean-out of Hazardous Materials Policy and Procedures ()

Laboratory Fume Hoods ()

Laboratory Health and Safety Manual ()

Land and Facilities Use Planning Policy (TDoc. T93-122) ()

Learning Disabilities Policy ()

Lecture Bottle Purchase and Use Policy ()

Libraries Use Policies and Procedures ()

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Management of University Funds Policy (TDoc. T92-031) ()

Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) Contract - PDF ()

Moving, Relocation, Temporary Housing Policy ()

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Named Professorships Policy (TDoc. T00-080) - PDF ()

Naming Facilities Policy (TDoc. T93-127) ()

Nepotism ()

Network Systems and Services Electronic Mailing List Instructions and Application ()

Non-Resident Alien Tax Reporting - Contractors ()

Non-Resident Alien Tax Reporting Guideline - Employees ()

Non-Unit Non-Exempt Employee Salary Table - PDF ()

Non-Unit Classified Staff Handbook - PDF ()

Non-Unit Professional Staff Handbook - PDF ()

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Official University Home Pages Statement ()

On-line Directory Listings ()

Operating Policy for Facilities ()

Optional Retirement Program ()

Over-Expenditure Policy ()

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Parking Rules and Regulations ()

Parking Snow Policy ()

Pedestrian Crosswalk Policy ()

Periodic Multiyear Review of Tenured Faculty (PMYR) Policy (Doc.T00.045) ()

Personnel Policy for Non-Unit Staff ()

Physical Plant Guide to Services ()

Picketing Code ()

Pluralism (Diversity) ()

Political Activity - PDF ()

Post-Doctoral Scholars and Postdoctoral Education Policy - Draft ()

Power Reduction (Voluntary) - Emergency Procedures - PDF ()

President's Program Fund Policy (TDoc. T94-019A) ()

Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator Guidelines: Defining Roles, Rights, Responsibilities and Obligations ()

Principles of Employee Conduct ()

Printing, Photocopying and Duplicating Policy ()

Privacy & Confidentiality of Employment Information - Fair Information Practices ()

Procard User Manual ()

Procedures to Provide Goods and Services ()

Procurement Department Policies and Information ()

Professional Staff Salary Administration Program Policies for Non-Unit Staff ()

Professional Staff Salary Administration Program Policies for Unit Staff - PDF ()

Professional Staff Union/MTA/NEA Contract ()

Promotion and Tenure Recommendations - PDF ()

Proper Ventilation ()

Protests of University Policies by Groups ()

Public Higher Education Endowment Incentive Program Implementation Procedures (TDoc. T96-135) ()

Purchasing Manual ()

Purchasing Policy (TDoc. T-92-031) ()

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Radioactive Material and Radiation Producing Equipment Purchase Policy ()

Recommended CC Hourly Wage Rates - PDF ()

Record Management Guidelines ()

Records Management, Retention and Disposition Policy Statement (TDoc. T99-061) ()

Recreational Facilities Fees and Policies ()

Reduction In Force (Non-Unit) Policy ()

Registered Student Organizations Policies and Procedures - DOC ()

Religious Symbols, Decorations and Displays Guidelines ()

Removal of Principal Investigators Policy (MSP Bargaining Unit Contract, (pp. 34-35)

Residency Status for Tuition Classification Purposes (TDoc. T95-019)

Responding to Requests for Accommodations Required Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ()

Responses to Demonstrations on University Property ()

Revenue Operations Guide ()

Review and Evaluation of Senior Administrators ()

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Sabbatical Leave Policy ()

Search Process for Faculty and Professional Staff Positions ()

Sexual Harassment Policy ()

Small Leave Necessities Act ()

Smoke-Free Policy ()

Software (Legal and Ethical Use) Policies ()

Speakers Policy (Freedom of Speech Statement) ()

State Contracts Policy ()

Stockbridge School Academic Policies and Procedure ()

Student Billing and Accounts Policy ()

Student Code of Conduct (TDoc. T95-095A) ()

Student Employment ()

Student Government Association Constitution ()

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Tax-Deferred Annuities ()

Teaching Assistants Handbook ()

Telecommunications Long-Distance Usage Policy ()

Telecommunications Non-Payment of Services Policy ()

Telecommunications Personal Use of Long Distance Policy ()

Training and Development ()

Travel Advance Policy ()

Travel Policy and Procedures Manual ()

Trustee Reserve Policy (TDoc. T94-018A) ()

Tuition Waivers ()

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Unallowable Costs Policy ()

Undergraduate Admissions Policy (TDoc. T96-034) ()

Undergraduate Financial Aid Policy (TDoc. T98-050) ()

Undergraduate Rights and Responsibilities ()

Undergraduate Student Transfer and Visitor Interchange Policy (TDoc. T97-107) ()

University Governance Policy -The Wellman Report (TDoc. 73-098) ()

University of Massachusetts/Community College Joint Admissions Agreement ()

University Trademarks and Licensing Policy and Guidelines ()

USA/MTA contract - PDF ()

Use of the University Logo Guidelines (UMass Visual Identity Style Guide) ()

Use of University Property (Time, Place & Manner) (TDoc. T90-079) ()

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Vehicle Purchasing and Leasing Policy ()

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Wellman Report - University Governance Policy (TDoc. 73-098) ()

Whistleblower Policy - PDF ()

Workplace Violence Prevention & Management ()

World Wide Web Guidelines ()

World Wide Web Policy Statement (TDoc. T99-059) ()

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