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Japanese Elm
(Ulmus japonica)

Dedication: This tree was brought from Sapporo Agricultural College in Japan in 1890 by Professor William Penn Brooks. It is the first of its species in America. This tree is also a Champion Tree.
Inscription: "This Japanese Elm was brought here in 1890 by Prof. William Penn Brooks on his return from Sapporo Agricultural College in Hokkaido where he had been teaching for many years. This tree was first of species to be introduced into America."
Measurements: Measured in 1997.

Circumference 147 in.
Height 83 ft.
Average Spread 75 ft.
Total Points 249
Location: This tree is located thirty feet southeast of the southeast corner of South College.
Map Coordinate: [C3]
GPS Coordinate: 42/23/24-N 72/31/45-W