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Name Description Date Location Notes Photo
Allen, Dwight William Plaque ---- Furcolo Hall School of Education, Lobby. Dean of the School of Education 1968-1975.
Atkinson, John Gate Posts 1840 Rhododendron Garden Posts were erected in this location by the class of 1940. They were orginally given to the Town of Prescott by Atkinson in 1840.
Bourne, Arthur I. Plaque 1974 Fernald Hall, south corridor. Near Bourne's former office.
Campus Pond Man made pond 1892 Center of campus, near W.E.B Dubois library. Built in 1892.
Clark, William S. Memorial 1963 Top of Orchard Hill, north side of Clark Hill Road. Funded by UMass and classes of 1937, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1967, 1968, 1977.
Class of 1876 Plaque 1927 Lincoln Ave A memorial to the class of 1876. "The Sugar Maples on both sides of this avenue came from Pelham Hills in 1873 and were set by the class of '76." No longer exists.
Class of 1882 Fountain 1891 South College, front. Gift of class of 1882 at the cost of $250. Built by J.L. Mott Iron Works of New York. The fountain is of thistle and crane design with a boy and a duck. It was bronze, 8'6" tall with two basins and it sat in a masonry basin 12' in diameter. No longer exists but is stored in the basement of Goodell.
Class of 1928 Brass Number 1928 Draper Hall, in cement in front of building. Given instead of class tree.
Class of 1940 Stone Marker 1940 Admissions Center. "In memory of those who built this university and in tribute to the many who constantly labor on its behalf."
Class of 1943 Fountain 1963 Herter Hall. Installed in 1963. No longer exists.
Class of 1997 Granite Marker 1997 Stockbridge Hall, front. "Stockbridge School of Agriculture 75 Years. Gift of Stockbridge School of Agriculture Class of 1997."
Deits, Walter J. Deits Memorial Rugby Pitch 1982 McGuirk Stadium, southwest. Rugby Field.
Dickinson, Walter Mason Bronze Plaque 1898 UMass Police Station first floor. Dedicated 11/9/1898. Originally located in the Old Stone Chapel.
Flavin, Joseph B. Stone Marker 1987 School of Management, west side. "In memory of Joseph Flavin ('53) and Donald Marchese ('59). They were grateful to their alma mater and served her with dedication. October 31, 1987."
Galligan, Sharon M. Stone Planter 1989 Tobin Hall, west side patio. "Dedicated in the memory of Sharon M. Galligan 1969-1989."
Garber, Richard Franklin Richard F. Garber Field 1992 Between Boyden Gym and Curry Hicks. Athletic field formerly known as Upper Boyden Field. Dedicated 4/11/1992.
Gladchuk, Chester Gladchuk Memorial Practice Field 1968 McGuirk Stadium, northwest. Football practice field. Dedicated 11/23/1968.
Haigis, John William, Jr. Haigis Mall ---- Whitmore, east of. Grassy area between Whitmore and Isenberg School of Management.
Hinds, Warren Elmer Hinds Bell 1892 Old Stone Chapel Tower. Large "Old Aggie" bell. Installed 1892, dedicated 1937.
King, Gordon Stephenson King Stone Tablet 1983 Rhododendron Garden Memorial stone added to the garden on 5/15/1983.
Korean War Plaque 1978 Memorial Hall. Names of Students and Alumni Killed in Korean War. Gift of Alumni Association.
Marchese, Donald Stone Marker 1987 School of Management, west side. "In memory of Joseph Flavin ('53) and Donald Marchese ('59). They were grateful to their alma mater and served her with dedication. October 31, 1987."
Metawampe Statue & Lawn 1950 Student Union Building, east of. Statue and lawn dedicated to the local Nonotuck American Indian who sold land north of Mt. Toby to Hadley settlers.
Minuteman Sculpture 2002 Campus Pond, west side inbetween pond and library. Minuteman and Metawampe Sculptures were a glass gift from class of 1950, dedicated in 2002. Sculpted by retired Art Professor John F. Townsend.
Minuteman Crossing Seating Area/Garden 2007 Campus Pond, west side inbetween pond and library. This seating area/garden surrounds the Minuteman Sculpture. "Special thanks to George 'Trigger" Burke, Robert "Scotty" Donald, and all members of the class of 1956 who made this gift possible." Given on the occasion of their 50th reunion.
Octagon Maze Maze 1988 McGuirk Stadium, south side. By Robert Blanchard (April 10, 1988), sponsored by the Save the Maze coalition, Physical Plant, Chancellor's Office and the UMass Arts Council. On August 11, 2003 the Maze was removed for safety reasons.
Phi Sigma Kappa Plaque 1959 Machmer Hall. "Dedicated to the memory of the 6 founders and 1000's of brothers who have builded on that foundation during the past century."
Purvis, Albert William Plaque & Portrait 1988 Furcolo Hall, lobby. Dedicated 11/21/1988.
Purvis, Albert William Albert Purvis Globe ---- Mark's Meadow Elementary School Globe.
Rhodes, Arnold D. Arnold D. Rhodes Natural Area ---- Mt. Toby Off campus, on the Summit Trail in the Mt. Toby Reservation. Includes memorial stone.
Rogers, Joseph R. Joe Rogers Swimming Pool 1986 Boyden Gym, first floor. Dedicated 4/26/1986.
Rose, Dorothy M. Sculpture ---- Stockbridge Hall, east side. Statue of a boy. "In memory of Dorothy M. Rose dedicated 60 year employee of the College of Food and Natural Resources. "Do it right".
Rudd, Andrew & Jinny Rudd Soccer Field 2002 Stadium Drive Athletic Field.
Sears, Fred Coleman Sears Plaque ---- French Hall, front. Plaque.
Sidewalk Numbers Numbers ---- Franklin Dining Center. Some graduating classes placed their graduating year in a portion of the sidewalk. Unable to locate.
Swift, Arthur R. Amherst/UMass Bike Connector 2007 Southwest Residential along University Drive. Continues from Southwest to Rt. 9.
Trippensee, Reuben Edwin Plaque 1970 Holdsworth, first floor lobby.

Professor of Wildlife Management.

Vietnam Plaque 1978 Memorial Hall. Names of Students and Alumni Killed in Vietnam. Gift of Alumni Association.
Vietnam Memorial Black Granite 1993 Memorial Hall, east side. Vietnam Memorial (1959-1975) Dedicated to all those who believe in freedom. Class of 1968 gift.
Wallace, Esther Esther Wallace Pool 1989 Totman Gym Swimming pool.
World War II Grey Granite ---- Memorial Hall, east side. Flagpole base. "In memory of alumni and students who died serving their country 1941-1945."