Physical Plant: A Division of Facilities & Campus Services


Name Type Year Dedicated Date Dedicated Photo Status
Alexander Chajes Bench 2012 memorial bench
Alpha Pi Gamma Lambda Garden garden memorial
Andy B. Anderson Bench 2002
Anthony M. La Viola Plaque 2012 plaque in front of tree
Arnold House Building 1954
Arnold House Building 1954
Baker Hall Building 1951 6/2/51 residence hall
Baker Lounge Building
Bartlett Hall Building 1960 liberal arts building
Beaubein Lounge Building
Bernard L. Dallas Garden 1971 10/16/71
Bezanson Recital Hall Building 2003 4/13/03 recital hall
Blaisdell House Building 1869 white house
Bowditch Hall Building 1959 10/27/59 brick building
Bowker Auditorium Building 1915 10/2/15 auditorium building
Boyden Gym Building 1964 5/17/64
Brett Hall Building 1962 12/9/62 residence hall
Brian West Garden 2001 memorial garden
Briefing Room Building
Brooks Hall Building 1948 residence hall
Brown Hall Building 1971 10/23/71
Butterfield Hall Building 1941 11/2/40
Cance Hall Building 1968
Carol Bruinsma Meehan Bench stone memorial bench
Carolyn Anderson Bench 2002 6/9/02
Cashin Hall Building 10/23/71
Chapel Building 1884 11/6/84 chapel and library
Chase Carreer Center Building 1884 11/6/84
Christoffer Carstanjen Garden removed
Clark Hall Building 1907 10/2/07
Class of 1875 Bench
Class of 1913 Bench
Class of 1921 Bench 1921
Class of 1921 Bench 1921
Class of 1921 Bench 1921
Class of 1921 Bench 1921
Class of 1921 Bench memorial bench
Class of 1939 Bench 1939 memorial bench
Class of 1955 Garden garden
Class of 1955 Garden 2005 class rock garden
Class of 1957 Bench 2007 library promenade
Class of 1959 Bench 1959 two memorial benches
Class of 1968 Bench 1968
Class of 1968 Bench 1968 memorial bench
Class of 1988 Bench 1988
Class of 1997 Garden 1998 class garden
Class of 1998 Bench 1998 memorial bench
CMASS Building tree by building
Coach John and Ellen Calipari Instructional Room Building 1995 5/16/95
Coolidge Hall Building 1966 dormitory tower
Crabtree Hall Building 1953 10/1/53
Crampton Hall Building 1966 dormitory building
Dakin House Building
Dallas Room Building 1992
Daniel J. Haley Tree 2012 memorial tree
Daniel R. Pepin, et al Bench memorial benches
Debbie Boden Bench 2004 bench in front of flower bush
Dennis Dallal Memorial Bench Bench memorial bench
Dickinson House Building 1964 12/6/64
Doug Cooney Bench bench along sidewalk
Durfee Conservatory and Garden Garden 1867 garden
Dwight William Allen Plaque plaque
Eleanor Lachman Garden 2000 daylily memorial garden
Frank A. Waugh Garden memorial garden
Gary S. Soroka Bench memorial bench
George Burke Athletic Hall of Fame Building 1996
Gregory W. Pratt Garden memorial rock
Hampden Sculpture Court Garden sculpture garden
Harold Alfond Management Center Building 2002 4/11/02 Isenberg School of Management
Harold Alfond Management Center Building 2002 10/10/02 management center building
Helen Curtis Cole Garden 1993 memorial garden
Henry Supkang Garden 2001 memorial garden
Hilda Adair Bench memorial bench
IOTA BETA Chapter CHI OMEGA Bench memorial bench
Jean Hosmer Garden 2000 9/22/00 memorial garden
Jean Hosmer Memorial Bench Bench 9/21/00 memorial bench
John Atkinson Gate Post 1904 gate post
Joseph Stanley Larson Memorial Bench Bench 2000 memorial bench
Judy Dietel Tree memorial tree in front of building
Kitty Dukakis Garden
Laura Hadad Memorial Bench Bench two granite memorial benches
Louise Casa Bench 2007 5/28/07
Malvika “Molly” Mookerjee Tree 2006 memorial tree along street
Margaret Nutting Bench 5/19/95 memorial benches
Mark's Meadow Elementary School Building 1962
Meaghan McGrath Bench 2014 granite bench
Mechanical Engineering Bench memorial bench by pond
Merit P. White Bench memorial bench
Oswald Tippo Garden 1999 10/11/99 memorial garden
Patrick Kincalo Garden 2001 memorial garden
Priscilla M. Clarkson Memorial Plaza Plaque 2013 memorial plaza
Raul De Vincenz Garden 2001 memorial garden
Richard Bergquist Bleachers 1991
Robert Rikkers Garden memorial garden
Roberta O. Day and John L. Ragle Resource Center Building 2004
Sam Koch Memorial Plaque Plaque 2014 plaque beside field
Scott Nitsche Garden 2001 memorial garden
Seth Kreisberg Memorial Bench Bench two stone memorial benches
Silvio O. Conte National Polymer Research Center Building 1996 4/12/96 academic building
Stevenson Fletcher Garden 2002 memorial garden
Stockbridge Class of 1997 Garden 1997 class garden
Tracy Maker Bench memorial bench by pond
Victims of Virginia Tech Tree memorial tree in front of building
Walter Winfred Chenoweth Building 1966 6/21/66 academic building
Wende Graves Plaque 2007 6/7/07 Plaque beneath tree
William A. Rosenau Garden 1990 4/25/90 memorial garden
William Brown Nutting Bench 5/19/95
William Brown Nutting Bench 5/19/95
William Lachman Garden 2000 daylily memorial garden
William Smith Clark Garden 1991