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Name Date Description Notes Photo
Alfond, Harold 2002 Harold Alfond Management Center Located in the west wing of the Isenberg School of Management.
Arnold, Sarah Louise 1954 Arnold House Women's Residence Hall, then academic building.
Baker, Hugh Potter 1951 Baker Lounge In Stockbridge House (University Club).
Baker, Hugh Potter ---- Baker Hall Residence Hall.
Bartlett, Joseph Warren 1959 Bartlett Hall Liberal Arts Building.
Beaubein, David James ---- Beaubein Lounge Located in Marcus Hall.
Bezanson, Philip T. 2003 Bezanson Recital Hall Inside Fine Arts Center. Renamed and dedicated 4/13/2003.
Blaisdell, Matthew Louis 1869 Blaisdell House Oldest remaining campus building constructed by the university specifically for college activities.
Bowditch, Nathaniel Ingersoll 1958 Bowditch Hall Plant and Soil Sciences building. Dedicated 10/27/1959.
Bowditch, Nathaniel Ingersoll 1936 Bowditch Lodge Lodge on Stadium Drive. Dedicated 5/1/1949.
Bowker, William Henry 1915 Bowker Auditorium Located in Stockbridge Hall. Dedicated 10/2/1915.
Boyden, Frank L. 1963 Boyden Gym Dedicated 5/17/1964. Inscribed on building: Frank L. Boyden.
Brett, Alden Chase 1962 Brett Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 12/9/1962.
Brooks, William Penn 1948 Brooks Hall Residence Hall.
Brown, Harry Dunlap 1970 Brown Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 10/23/1971.
Burke, George Gerald "Trigger" 1996 George "Trigger" Burke Athletic Hall of Fame UMass Amherst Athletic Hall of Fame.
Butterfield, Kenyon Leech 1940 Butterfield Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 1941. A bronze tablet with the name of the building, a statement that the dormitory was provided through the efforts of the Associate Alumni and with the names of the building corporation.
Calipari, John & Ellen 1995 Coach John and Ellen Calipari Instructional Room Computer Laboratory. Dedicated 5/16/1995.
Cance, Alexander Edmond 1968 Cance Hall Residence Hall.
Cashin, William Michael 1970 Cashin Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 10/23/1971.
Chamberlain, Joseph S. 1959 Chamberlain Library Second floor of Goessmann Chemistry Lab. Dismantled in 1972.
Chapel 1884 Chapel Cornerstone laid November 6th, 1884.
Chase, Irwin "Mike" ---- Chase Career Center Career development center. Room 101 of the Alfond Wing in Isenberg School of Management.
Chenoweth, Walter Winfred 1929 Chenoweth Laboratory Food Science Laboratory. Addition dedicated 6/21/1966.
Clark, William S. 1907 Clark Hall Built in 1907 and named for William S. Clark the 3rd President of the University.
Conte, Silvio O. 1994 Silvio O. Conte National Polymer Research Center Dedicated 4/12/1996
Coolidge, John Calvin 1966 Coolidge Hall Residence Hall.
Crabtree, Charlotte "Lotta" 1953 Crabtree Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 10/1953.
Crampton, Guy Chester 1966 Crampton Hall Residence Hall.
Dakin, Winthrop & Janet ---- Dakin House The Center for Renaissance Studies; former 28 acre dairy farm.
Dallas, Bernard L. 1992 Dallas Room Seminar room in Goodell. Dedicated 1992.
Day, Roberta O. 2004 Roberta O. Day and John L. Ragle Chemistry Resource Center Room 151 of Goessmann Chemistry Lab. Dedicated 2004.
Dickinson, Emily Elizabeth 1965 Dickinson House Residence Hall. Dedicated 12/6/1964.
Dickinson, Marquis Fayette Jr., Esq. 1960 Mark's Meadow Elementary School Public elementary school on North Pleasant St.
Dickinson, Walter Mason 1960 Dickinson Hall Former ROTC building; UMass Police Station as of 1996.
Dodge, William E. ---- Dodge Computer Lab Room 308 in the Isenberg School of Management.
Draper, James 1902 Draper Hall Built in 1902, this building served as the Dining Commons and was referred to as the "Hash House". Plaque on building has been removed.
Du Bois, Shirley Graham ---- Shirley Graham Du Bois Library and Study Center Room 203, New Africa House, Central Residential Area.
Du Bois, W.E.B. 1971 Tower Library Named for W.E.B. Dubois on 2/23/1996.
Duda, Frank 1987 Duda Hall Formerly Building #71, renamed 1987.
Durfee, Nathan 1867 Durfee Greenhouse Durfee Plant House given in 1867 by Dr. Nathan Durfee.
Durfee, Nathan 1867 Durfee Conservaory Established in 1867, rebuilt in 1954.
Dwight, Minnie E. Ryan 1958 Dwight Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 1959.
Farley, George Louis 1933 Farley Lodge Child Care Center, formerly Farley 4H Building. Dedicated 7/27/1933.
Fernald, Charles H. 1909 Fernald Hall Honors entomologists Dr. Henry Fernald and Professor Charles Fernald. Dedicated 11/11/1910.
Fernald, Henry T. 1909 Fernald Hall Honors entomologists Dr. Henry Fernald and Professor Charles Fernald. Dedicated 11/11/1910.
Field, Eugene 1964 Field Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 12/6/1964.
Fisher, Jabez F. 1910 Fisher Laboratory Pomology Lab and cold storage warehouse; then horticultural lab. Destroyed by fire April 1985, demolished April 23rd, 1985.
Flint, Charles Louis 1912 Flint Lab Flint Laboratory, built in 1912 and named for Charles Flint, the 4th President of the University.
French, Daniel Chester ---- French Dining Room Room in Stockbridge House (University Club). Daniel lived there as a child.
French, Henry Flagg 1908 French Hall Commercial floriculture and market gardening building. Built in 1908 and named for Henry Flagg French the first President of the University in 1909.
Furcolo, Foster 1961 Furcolo Hall School of Education Academic building. Renamed and dedicated 11/13/1982.
Goessmann, Charles A. 1922 Goessmann Laboratory Honors Dr. Charles Goessmann, chemist and one of the famous "Faculty of Four". Dedicated 10/3/1924.
Goodell, Henry Hill 1934 Goodell Building Originally a library, then administrative building. Cornerstone laid 11/3/1934.
Gordon, Glen 2002 Gordon Hall Academic building. Legal Studies and Political Economy Research Institute.
Gordon, Robert & Nancy ---- Gordon Box Office Athletic ticket office.
Gorman, Edwin Daniel 1962 Gorman Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 11/16/1962.
Grabieck, Michael ---- Briefing Room Police daily briefing room. Room 10 of the UMass Amherst Police Dept. in Dickinson Hall.
Grayson, David 1965 Grayson Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 12/6/1964.
Greenough, James Carruthers 1946 Greenough Hall Residence Hall.
Grinnell, James S. 1910 Grinnell Arena Animal husbandry building. Dedicated 3/13/1912.
Gunness, Christian 1948 Gunness Hall Engineering building dedicated 10/22/1949, rededicated 10/23/1988.
Gunness, Robert Charles 1990 Gunness Engineering Student Center Student lounge area inside Marcus Hall. Dedicated in 1992.
Hamlin, Margaret Pomeroy 1949 Hamlin Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 11/2/1951.
Hasbrouck, Philip Bevier 1948 Hasbrouck Laboratory Physics Building. Annex built in 1962 and dedicated 10/30/1965.
Hatch, William H. 1891 Hatch Laboratory Academic lab and offices.
Herter, Christian Archibald 1967 Herter Hall Academic building, originally called Bartlett Hall East. Dedicated 11/8/1969. Includes Herter Annex and Herter Art Gallery.
Hicks, Curry Star 1931 Curry Hicks Physcial Education Building Originally the Physcial Education Building, built in 1931 with funds from Alumni, friends, and undergraduates. "In Honor of Curry Star Hicks who through years of unselfish service made this building possible." Rededicated and renamed after Hicks 6/7/1941; renovated and expanded 1985.
Hills, Francis 1960 Hills North & Hills South Originally residence halls, now administrative offices and classrooms.
Holdsworth, Robert Powell 1963 Holdsworth Natural Resource Center Natural resources academic building. Dedicated 10/5/1963.
Isenberg, Eugene M. 1997 Isenberg School of Management (ISOM) Academic building. School of Management renamed ISOM in 1997.
Johnson, Anna McQueston 1960 Johnson Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 11/20/1960.
Kinsey, David C. ---- Kinsey Room International education resource room. Room 273 in Hills South.
Knowlton, Helen 1949 Knowlton Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 11/19/1950.
Knowles, Andrew C. III 1989 Knowles Engineering Building Academic engineering building. Dedicated 4/27/1991.
Lawrence, Robert P. 1990 Lawrence Riding Arena Riding barn and arena on The Hadley Farm. Dedicated 5/13/1991.
Leach, Lottie A. 1953 Leach Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 10/1953.
Leaman, John (Jack) Allen Jr. 2006 Leaman Court Basketball court in the William D. Mullins Center. Dedicated 2/26/2006.
Lederle, John William 1971 Lederle Graduate Research Center (LGRC) Graduate Research Center. Dedicated in 1972, and renamed LGRC in 1983.
Lewis, Edward Morgan 1940 Lewis Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 1941. A bronze tablet with the name of the building, a statement that the dormitory was provided through the efforts of the Associate Alumni and with the names of the building corporation.
Lincoln, Murray Danforth 1968 Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center Campus Center. Opened 7/28/1970.
Lyon, Mary Mason 1958 Mary Lyon Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 12/9/1959.
Machmer, William Lawson 1955 Machmer Hall Academic Building. Finished construction in 1957.
Mackimmie, Alexander Anderson 1966 Mackimmie Hall Residence Hall.
Mahar, Ralph C. 1965 Mahar Auditorium Classroom, auditorium - with bronze plaque in lobby. Dedicated 4/25/1965.
Marcus, Joseph 1986 Marcus Hall Engineering clasroom and atrium. Dedicated 5/3/1986, rededicated 10/23/1986. Formerly known as the Engineering East Building.
Marshall, Charles E. 1916 Marshall Hall Microbiology Building built in 1916. Razed in 2005 to make way for the Integrated Science Building.
Marston, George Andrews 1998 Marston Hall Engineering Building. Dedicated 10/23/1998.
Mather, Jean Paul 1989 Mather Career Center
(Mather Building)
Renamed the Mather Building on 2/20/2001. Admissions offices.
Mathews, Gail ---- Officers' Break Room Room 02 (basement level) of the UMass Amherst Police Dept. in Dickinson Hall.
McEwen, William E. c. 1997 McEwen Seminar Room Room 703 in the Lederle Graduate Research Center.
McGuirk, Warren Pierce 1965 Warren P. McGuirk Alumni Stadium Dedicated as Alumni Stadium 10/16/1965. Rededicated as Warren P. McGuirk Alumni Stadium 11/3/1984.
McIntire, H. Ruth 1928 McIntire Hall Destroyed by fire in 1991.
McNamara, Elizabeth 1971 McNamara Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 10/23/1971.
Miller, Gertrude ---- Miller Room Room 108 of the UMass Amherst Police Dept.
Mills, George 1949 Mills Hall Formerly a residence hall, now a black cultural center renamed New Africa House.
Moore, Franklin 1968 Moore Hall Residence Hall.
Morrill, Justin Smith 1958 Morrill Science Center Additions built in 1960, 1962, and 1965.
Morrissey, Robert J. 1975 Morrissey Blood Donor Center Established in 1975 and dedicated in 1977. Includes plaque. Room 176 in the Campus Center.
Mullins, William D. 1992 William D. Mullins Center Convocation center. Dedicated 10/30/1993.
Munson, Willard A. 1899 Munson Hall Public relations building and annex. Known as Munson Hall since 1952, formerly known as the Paige Lab, and before that the Veterinary Building.
O'Neil, Ed ---- O'Neil Communications Studio Room 120 South College.
Paige, James B. 1951 Paige Veterinary and Animal Science Laboratory Prior to construction, "Paige Lab" occupied what is now Munson Hall.
Patterson, Charles Henry 1967 Patterson Hall Residence Hall.
Peters, Charles Adams 1958 Peters Auditorium Rooms 64/163 in the Goessmann Chemistry Lab.
Pierpont, Mildred 1968 Pierpont Hall Residence Hall.
Pinkham, Jennifer L. 2007 Pinkham Seminar Room Biochemistry and Molecular Biology seminar room. Opened 8/2007. Room 1020 in LGRC.
Prince, Walter E. 1967 Prince Hall Residence Hall.
Procopio, Paul N. ---- Procopio Room Conference room, room 105 in Hills South.
Pulaski, Frank S. 1999 Pulaski Chemical Engineering Computer Room Room 67A in the basement of Goessmann Chemistry Lab.
Ragle, John L. 2004 Roberta O. Day and John L. Ragle Chemistry Resource Center Room 151 of Goessmann Chemistry Lab. Dedicated 2004.
Rand, Frank P. ---- Rand Theatre Located in the Fine Arts Center.
Richason, George Robert Jr. 2005 Richason Chemistry Laboratory Dedicated 2005. Room 256 of Goessmann Chemistry Lab.
Riikonen, Roger T. ---- Riikonen Lounge Room 134 in the Isenberg School of Management.
Rosenfeld, Dan Dr. ---- Rosenfeld Laboratory Given as part of the 1953 Class Gift. Room 328 Chenoweth Lab.
Robsham, E. Paul Jr. 1989 Robsham Visitors Center Dedicated May 27, 1989. "In memory of E. Paul Robsham Jr. 1963-1983. May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like carved pillars at the corners of the temple. PSALM 144"
Savage, Augusta 1970 Augusta Savage Gallery Art Gallery established 1970. Room 101 New Africa House.
Skinner, Edna Lucy 1947 Skinner Hall Home economics building.
Spiro, George W. ---- Spiro Business Commuication Center Room 208 in the Isenberg School of Management.
Stidham, Howard 2006 Stidham Physcial Chemistry Laboratory Dedicated 2006. Room 128 in Goessmann Chemistry Lab.
Stockbridge, Levi 1728 Stockbridge House/
University Club
Oldest house in Amherst. Originally the home and office of Levi Stockbridge, the first member of the Faculty, and President in 1880. Now named the University Club.
Stockbridge, Levi 1915 Stockbridge Hall Built in 1915, named in honor of the first member of of the faculty. Dedicated 10/29/1915.
Thatcher, Roscoe Wilfred 1935 Thatcher Hall Residence Hall.
Thayer, Eleanor A. 1956 Thayer Veterinary Research Building Dedicated 6/1/1957. Gift of the Red Acre Farm, Inc. of Stow, MA.
Thompson, John F. 1968 Thompson Hall Dedicated 11/23/1968, originally called Machmer Tower.
Tillson, David H. 1915 Tillson-Walsh Farm Horse farm purchased by Massachusetts Agricultural College from W.D. Cowls and J.H. Howard in 1915.
Tobin, Maurice Joseph 1972 Tobin Hall Academic building. Dedicated 5/1973.
Totman, Ruth Jane 1958 Ruth J. Totman Gymnasium Renamed 6/27/1984, formerly known as WOPE.
Troll, Joseph 2005 Joseph Troll Turf Research Center Off campus, on River Road in South Deerfield.
Van Meter, Ralph Albert 1957 Van Meter Hall Residence Hall.
Webster, Noah 1964 Webster Hall Residence Hall. Dedicated 12/6/1964.
Wheeler, William 1958 Wheeler Hall Residence Hall.
White, Edward Albert ---- Edward White Greenhouses Formerly Durfee Glass House.
White Eagle, Josephine 1989 The Josephine White Eagle Memorial Cultural Center Established 1989. A Native American cultural center. Located in Chadbourne Hall.
Whitmore, Philip Ferry 1967 Philip F. Whitmore Administration Building Dedicated 4/27/1968. Nicknamed "Lederle's Fortress.
Wilder, Marshall P. 1906 Wilder Hall Named for Marshall P. Wilder, one of the founders of the Massachusetts Agriculture College.
Wyman, Raymond 1990 Wyman Room Room 20 in the Furcolo Hall School of Education.
Young, William & Mary 1990 Young Meadow Farm UMass purchased this farm in 1990 and later renamed it The Hadley Farm.