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Name Date Location Notes Photo
Adair, Hilda ---- University Health Services front entrance. "In memory of Hilda Adair, R.N. 34 years of services. University Health Services."
Anderson, Andy B. 2002 South College. North side. "In memory of Andy B. Anderson. 1941-2001 Scholar - Mentor - Friend. From Sociology Graduate Student Affairs."
Anderson, Carolyn 2002 South College. North side. "Carolyn Anderson - 1979-MA 1984-PhD. Faculty Member 1984-2009. Dept. of Communication."
Bergquist, Richard 1991 Lorden Field, west of the Mullins Center. Bleachers.
Bruinsma Meehan, Carol ---- Memorial Hall. Three on the East side. "In memory of Carol Bruinsma Meehan Class of 1957"
Casa, Louise 2007 W.E.B. DuBois Library, south side near chapel. University Library Staff Clerk III 1984-2006.
Class of 1875 ---- Fine Arts Center, southeast corner near N. Pleasant Street. "Elms, Both sides to bridge, Dug in the Plum Tree Swamp and set in 1873 by the class of '75." Includes a photograph from archives.
Class of 1913 1913 Memorial Hall. West side on patio. Class Gift of 1913.
Class of 1921 1921 Memorial Hall. Two on the east side. Class Gift of 1921.
Class of 1921 1921 Herter Hall. Southeast Corner. Class Gift of 1921.
Class of 1921 1921 Memorial Hall. South side. Class Gift of 1921.
Class of 1921 1921 Wilder Patio. Class Gift of 1921.
Class of 1921 1921 Campus Pond. West side. Class Gift of 1921.
Class of 1939 1939 Stockbridge Hall. East side. "Stockbridge School of Agriculture Class of 1939 Gift."
Class of 1957 2007 Library Promenade. Various inscriptions for Donators.
Class of 1959 1959 Memorial Hall. Southwest side. Class Gift of 1959. Two benches.
Class of 1968 1968 Memorial Hall. East side, by Vietnam War Memorial. Class Gift of 1968. Two benches, one was broken and replaced with a plain piece of curbing granite.
Class of 1988 1988 Construction Services Holding Area. Bench was located in the Octagon Maze. Was moved to this location August of 2003.
Class of 1998 1998 Stockbridge Hall. Directly in front. Stockbridge School of Agriculture Class of 1998.
Pepin, Daniel R. ---- Holdsworth, east side at the entrance to the building. "This seating area was designed and built as a volunteer project by Daniel R. Pepin and students in the Building Materials and Wood Technology Program."
Dallal, Dennis ---- School of Management. North Side. "In memory of Dennis Dallal 1977-1995 Sigma Alpha Mu"
Hadad, Laura J. ---- Campus Pond, east side. Two granite benches.
Hosmer, Jean 2000 Draper Hall. Southeast side in garden. Dedicated September 21, 2000. "This garden is in loving memory of our friend and colleague Jean Hosmer 4/11/54 - 10/25/99"
IOTA BETA Chapter CHI OMEGA ---- Campus Pond. East Side. "Chi Omega 1941-1991. Celebration of 50 years of sisterhood IOTA BETA Chapter CHI OMEGA."
Kreisberg, Seth ---- Furcolo School of Education. West side beneath Oak Tree. "In memory of Seth Kreisberg a man of wisdom & love who worked for justice & peace"
Larson, Joseph S. 2000 Blaisdell House, west side. "In Honor of Joseph S. Larson Professor and Director The Environmental Institute September 22, 2000, For your Leadership and Inspiration. The TEI Staff"
Maker, Tracy ---- Campus Pond. West side. "Tracy Maker 1963-1987 memories live on forever."
---- Engineering Lab. Southeast corner. "Donated by Department of Mechanical Engineering Alumni."
Nutting, Margaret 1995 Clark Hall. West side. Two benches.
Nutting, William B. 1995 Clark Hall. West side. Two benches.
Soroka, Gary S. ---- Furcalo School of Education. North side. "In memory of Gary S. Soroka"