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Financial Management

Financial Accounting Manager: Gary Noga
(413) 545-6472

Composed of five personnel, the Section administers accounting, budgeting, cost analysis, and forecasting services for the Plantıs $40 Million budget: utilities, salaries, commodities and materials, and general services. It operates an in-house Reporting System enabling management of resources by assigned managers across general operating funds, revenue based budgets, and plant funds for projects. Close relations are maintained with central campus controller and budget office personnel to reconcile transfers, expenses, reports, and account structure. Recharges (billing) of customers generates $1.5 million per year of earned income for salary support and purchase of materials.


Safety Officer: Sondra Slesinski
(413) 545-6043

Composed of only a single professional Safety Officer and a half-time clerical assistant, the Section provides a top quality risk management program dedicated to Plant resources. Policy and procedure documents are established and tailored to Plant needs for a wide variety of programs: lockout/tagout, confined space entry, personal protective equipment, fire protection, MSDS/Right To Know, respiratory protection, etc. Training programs are coordinated with the Training Officer for all personnel. Daily inspections of work sites, shops, vehicles, and administrative areas are conducted to provide guidance to supervisors leading to optimally safe working conditions. Close coordination is maintained with the campus office of Environmental Health and Safety to pursue issues of policy consistency, standardization of procedures and accident reporting, and share information regarding efforts to resolve problem issues.

Online MSDS is available for Physical Plant employees by going to MSDSonline.

Online EH&S training is available through the EH&S office's OWL (Online Web-based Learning) programs such as: Lab Safety, Ergonomics, Right-to-Know, Confined Spaces, Radiation Safety, Lock-Out/Tag-out, Hazardous Waste Refresher and Hazardous Waste Management.


Training Officer for Organizational Development: [Vacant]

Training is conducted by a Training Officer and half-time clerical assistant. The Section provides training support to all Plant personnel. Targeting and achieving 18,000 contact hours per year, the program covers over 30 trades, 25 human relations subjects, plus IT, MSDS, safety, fire protection, etc. programs. Training programs are provided by in-house, professional consultants, campus professionals, web access, video tape, and self-training programs. Close coordination is maintained with the campus Training and Development to take advantage of centrally provided courses and professional staff support. A Plant Ingenium software program tracks participation by individual, and predicts need dates for selected mandatory annual updates. Individualized performance enhancement plans are being developed to encourage productivity improvements and individual self-improvement efforts.

Information Services

Section Manager: Mark Harrison
(413) 545-6450

Composed of three personnel, the Section supports IT requirements for Physical Plant Division system needs. With one of the most advanced IT hardware/software complexes on campus, the system operates fifteen servers operating on UNIX, Linux and WindowsNT platforms. Support is provided for mission critical applications running in the Oracle, SQL and MS Access database systems. Training programs are coordinated with the Training Officer for all personnel. Daily support is provided for basic PC operation, system usage, network management, and database management. The Section works closely with OIT to improve areas of operation which may be lacking, and provides input for future Campus IT initiatives. The current network includes 125+ PCs and 35 printers which all tie into the University backbone. Current projects include TimeTracker, an electronic interface allowing card swipe time to be recorded in both Peoplesoft and the internal Plant work management system EMPAC.

Human Resources

Section Manager: Shara Denson
(413) 545-6455

Composed of three personnel, the section provides personnel services to the 449 employee organization including: acquisition, promotion, lateral transfers, special reallocations, record file maintenance, awards, and retirement action. Payroll ($15 Million) actions are processed, grievances are tracked with files maintained, and the ACE Program (employee recognition) program is administered. Additional support includes counseling regarding ADA, workers compensation, mediation, investigations, benefits, retirement, diversity, compensation, search/selection procedures, performance evaluation, and applicable labor laws.

Work Management


Business Administration

Larry Snyder, Associate Director
lsnyder@facil.umass.edu (413) 545-2661

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