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Physical Plant Staff

Emergency Hotline Police/Fire/Ambulance 911 or 545-3111
Campus Police
Alterations 577-4475
Building Maintenance 545-6429
Central Heating Plant 545-4227/545-6460
Custodial Services 545-0200
Director of Physical Plant 545-0601
Grounds Management 545-6522
Sustainability Initiative 545-0799
Utilities 545-0605
Waste Management 545-9615

Physical Plant Org Chart Director, Physical Plant, Raymond Jackson Sustainability Coordinator, Ezra Small Administrative Assistant, Janet Powers Assistant Director, Grounds Management, Pamela Monn Assistant Director, Building Maintenance, Daniel McCarthy Assistant Director, Alterations, Mark Kucinski Assistant Director (Interim), Utilities & Engineering, Jeffrey Bryan Landscape Architect, Brock Cutting Facilities Engineer, James Evans Construction Projects Manager, Sally Delaney Physical Plant EH&S Manager, Gary Ritter Landscape & Construction Manager, Gary Glazier Building Maintenance Manager (Zones), Juan Roberts Staff Assitant, Alterations Electrical/Mechanical Maintenance Mechanic Custodial Services Manager, Donald Sullivan Building Maintenance Manager (Contracts), Steve Barrett Institution Maintenance Foreman, Alterations, David Bacon Institution Maintenance Foreman, Alterations, Michael Aldrich Institution Maintenance Foreman, Alterations, Timothy Aldrich Institution Maintenance Foreman, Alterations, Michael McGoldrick Solid Waste Management, John Pepi Commissioning Engineer, Edmund Jaworski Central Heating Plant Manager (Interim), Steve Lemay Campus Energy Engineer Utility Electrical Engineer, Stephen Grden Construction Maintenance Engineer, Utilities & Engineering, Ben Caron Controls & Meter Engineer, Homa Kashani

Emergency info

Fire & police: 911

Our service desk

Phone: 545-6401

Fax: 545-0729

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