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Welcome to the Physical Plant

The Physical Plant is responsible for the custodial, grounds, utilities, and building maintenance for nearly 6 million square feet of administrative, academic, and recreational space at our Amherst campus. We are a complex organization that operates successfully through the diligent efforts of our highly motivated and dedicated personnel.

I believe in the power of enthusiastic people, and I am excited about the organizational changes we've been undergoing. I openly encourage communication, and believe that the best evaluation of our service comes directly from our customers.

We fully intend to stay focused on our mission and vision, all the while knowing that our most important product is service, our intended goal is customer satisfaction. We will continue to develop partnerships with our customers, and make a renewed commitment to do the best job possible with the resources we possess.

Our vision is both lofty and challenging, and it will continue to guide us as we develop even further into a more responsive, customer focused Physical Plant organization. I hope you come to share this vision with all of us at Physical Plant.

Warmest regards,

Ray Jackson
Director, Physical Plant Division

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