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Our dental cast collection features more than 1575 casts including representatives of all primate families. The collection emphasizes the Malagasy lemurs. It includes all of the extinct lemurs whose dentitions are known (belonging to the genera Archaeoindris, Archaeolemur, Babakotia, Hadropithecus, Megaladapis, Mesopropithecus, Pachylemur and Palaeopropithecus) as well as hundreds of specimens of extant lemurs and other strepsirrhines (Allocebus, Arctocebus, Avahi, Cheirogaleus, Daubentonia, Eulemur, Euoticus, Galago, Galagoides, Hapalemur, Indri, Lemur, Lepilemur, Loris, Microcebus, Mirza, Nycticebus, Otolemur, Perodicticus, Phaner, Propithecus, and Varecia ).

Dental casts in our collection come not merely directly from Madagascar (though our program of capture/mark/release at Ranomafana National Park and Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve), but also from molds made at natural history museums and collections at Antananarivo, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, London, Leiden, Amsterdam, Chicago, Washington DC, Cambridge, MA, the Duke University Primate Center, Durham NC, and New York City.

Epoxy and plaster casts are available for dental topographic and/or microwear analysis upon request to Prof. Laurie R. Godfrey: lgodfrey@anthro.umass.edu


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